The Wicker Tree Review

“Its Just A Dull Mess.”

August 23rd, 2012

This review may be short, blunt, and fan furied, but in my humble opinion The Wicker Tree along with Citizen Kane, Naked Lunch, Eraserhead, The Black Swan is the top of one of the greatest movies ever made, possibly the best. The Wickerman's history, depths to its production and its aura, and its mixed sub-genres of horror, satire, romance, paganism and more is all but a sublime wrap of the nostalgic, and more to this day in the directors cut one of the most perfect viewing of cinema. This was then unknown and still to this day rather unknown new comer director called Robin Hardy who not only possessed a powerful kinetic flourish, and whimsical aesthetic but also a flow with pace, temp, tension, music, and verse, as TWM is as much a horrific musical bar none anything else. It was original for its day and age and still is- but more so shrouded in a perplexing aura and atmosphere ciphering on the inevitable. The story centres on the occult, a neighbouring village an isle, a lie, a sacrifice, a learning curve, the absconded in darkness and sacreligion

The Wicker Tree sees Hardy returning to these themes, a film of the same nature and nurture and same line of paganism and strength, based upon his novel Cowboys and Christ which was a fairly suitable lead on, but grandeur as it was it felt willing and astride to be something that had been done and could not be forced upon- this is that interpretation. As Hardy has been all but alienated out of society he sees age old occultism in the wrong eye, neither attributing to our society of modern civilisation even when in the pretext of materiality also the performances are adrift the story confused and kerfuffle and it feels a tad derirative, more low kwey- even more low budget but doesn't have that natural tour de force as did the scratched, on film reel of beautifulness as TWM here shot digitally and edited with a strict dull mediocre hand. The editing seems that of a young grad student- understandable and applause worthy but with such a strong film as TWM to have nailed to you and no other film bar one you should still take it upon yourself to do justice to your credibility and what fame you have and artist nuance which is derived from this disappointment.

Its ugly, brutally boring, stereotypical least of all luck lustred and wanting of something that shall and will never come with the full force that TWM did.

The Wicker Tree is dull and holds no ambivalence in its auras and stage designs or landscapes or sexual interpretations as it is neither bordering on professional or satisfyingly abruptly shocking and as unique divined as it was gelled to the original.

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