The World Is Not Enough Review

“James Bond Must Have A Death Wish”

May 28th, 2012

The movie starts with a rollercoaster action sequence as James Bond leaps out of windows, goes on a speedboat chase, leaps onto a hot air balloon & drops onto the millennium dome. It was exciting but all I could think was that James Bond must have a death wish. He takes zero precautions, has no back-up & is on his own for most of the movie with little preparation. Then I realized that James Bond sees the spy game as an actual game. He does not take it seriously & does it merely for the kicks. The gentleman spy is so reckless because he thinks he is invincible. Keeping this in mind, it makes the movie more interesting as you see that Pierce Brosnan is playing James Bond that way.

People complain that the nuclear physicist is wearing tank top & shorts in the hot desert. She also has a silly name. But she's a Bond girl they all have silly names & they are all attractive. Denise Richards did an excellent job in her role. Obviously some people can't keep their feelings about an actor from influencing their reaction to a movie starring that actor because those are ridiculous things to criticize in a James Bond movie.

The only annoying part of the movie was John Cleese who was doing childish slapstick. It was jarringly out of place & overkill considering the almost nonstop barrage of puns that James Bond keeps making. At first I was annoyed by all the puns & lame one-liners but then I realized that those things, like the recklessness, define James Bond. The puns turned out to be entertaining in another way because characters rolled their eyes at his puns & sometimes his one-liners turned out to be premature.

It was a good James Bond movie that I think gives some insight into the character & the action was very good.


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  • skywise • 4 years ago

    great review, i also thought that Dennise Richards was great in her role and i had zero complaints about her tank top. the woman is gorgeous. over all this was not one of my favorites But it was a solid movie altogether.


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