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    Director Chris Carter Wants Simon Pegg for The X-Files 3

    Though a story is in place, it's ultimately up to 20th Century Fox for this project to move forward.

    Brian Gallagher

    David Duchovny Wants Fans to Ask for The X-Files 3

    The franchise star is encouraging fans to write letters to the the studio if they want a sequel.

    Harout Harmanian

    David Duchovny Wants to Do a Third X-Files Movie

    The actor speaks out about possibility of the third installment of the sci-fi series, plus what went wrong with the second movie.

    Harout Harmanian

    Gillian Anderson Talks Third The X-Files Movie

    The actress would join David Duchovny for the third installment if Fox is interested.

    Cat Parker

    David Duchovny Says The X-Files 3 Is Coming!

    A script for the latest sequel is currently being written, and the film awaits a green light from Fox.

    B. Alan Orange