This Means War Review

“SPECIAL COMMENTARY REVIEW: The Buddy Love Cop Drama Is Back On Top Form In This Hilarious American Vs British Action Rom-com With A Twist”

February 22nd, 2012

Originally called Spy Vs Spy and helming the not so loved for the moment McG as a director worldly renowned in the eyes of many to some for messing up the Terminator universe with some form of salvation, while falling short miserably in that behalf he storms triumphantly on the crown of reigniting the flame of the buddy-cop drama.

Starting off in an explosive covert operation that goes terribly wrong on top of a NY building which is to capture the notorious Heinrich Brothers, alive. As the disastrous outcome of the Heinrich operation causes special agents and best buddies FDR (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) grounded and a burning desire for revenge by Heinrich (Schweiger). But when Tuck begins to contemplate about settling down, he meets the beautiful blonde but man-ridden, Lauren (Witherspoon) but on the same day so does FDR...But when both buddies find out they are dating the same woman, then may the best man win, but who will get the girl? Because its Spy Against Spy as This Means War!!!

Now with all buddy cop drama's that have gone down in history from giving a Rush Hour in 48Hrs, This Means War is no different, giving us characters that are complete opposition to each other. Both chiseled and handsome and very different in personality. FDR is smooth talking, an individual so slick that believes he can get anything he wants by any means nessceary. While British-born Tuck is the comedic type who may struggle to get his point across despite his a badass but that's because his sensitive, but unlike his partner, he has experienced love before. Then we trail down to Lauren, a successful independent women with clingy man tendencies who due to unfortunate circ*mstances starts dating again which clings her in between a love triangle and bringing out the good old basic rules of dating to try and choose her rightful man between the two.

Now McG, may not be the best director in the world in general and should stick to solo movie installments instead of franchise based one. As for This Means War does a grand job of bringing back that all-time love of the buddy cop comedy action flicks that we adored during the 80s and 90s swinging on a brand new twist, giving the simple story a new flair, courtesy of the film's three writers. In which along with the chemistry and charisma of the cast line up combusts with laughter within the theatre. The film always keep on edge providing that every scene has a purpose weather its to make you break silence with a giggle due to Tuck's British personality, to develope the love triangle or the character involved as well as to keep in you membrane Heinrich is still out there. But despite where McG failed with the Terminator franchise but he has successfully brought the buddy love cop drama is back on top form in this hilarious American vs British action comedy with a twist.

Now not only did we have the pleasure of snagging a sneak preview of the flick, before it's March 2nd release, but also we had the pleasure of being in the presence of the 2011 Orange Rising Award winning star of the film, Tom Hardy... In which I managed to catch up with him for a one to one conversation where he talks what's keeping him busy for 2012 being This Means War, The Dark Knight Rises and the future of Tom Hardy...

On This Means War

"Well, you know this is the first of three films i have lined up for this year and with this film, many people, came and went and well when i received the script, i liked Tuck's character. I admired him and felt he was the most developed character within the whole project, and even within the final product i still feel he is and also i felt i could bring something of a unique aspect to his character. Also with my fairly given track record, i saw this as a kind of challenge, you know, because i've not ventured into action comedy as of yet, but i feel that i'm good at both genres, you know I've done action with Warrior, Bronson, RocknRolla, Inception and of course Batman in which they kind action movie and some of them infused humour to a form of dark comedy. I also felt i could see a kind of personality trait to Eames character from inception, so that caught me as well and the character seemed natural to me."

On Batman

"In terms I as limited as I am allowed to say, I think Bane is my most challenging role yet next to Bronson. Its because working with Chris, which there is no way to describe the experience of working with him. He is a guy that definitively knows what he wants and he has this vision. Which he will define the philosophy and purpose of the character, while others would just had you the script and then boss you around on set. His the opposite he gives you this beauty of freedom and interpretation. I remember the first day on set was just Christopher defining his Batman trilogy, being that Ra was the philosophy, origin and purpose of Batman in Batman Begins. Then we have The Joker who is a mental and physical challenge in terms of challenging Batman mentally and for the corruption of Gotham which Harvey is a symbol to that and how the mighty fall. And then we have my character which is Bane who has risen from the rubble of the previous two films and has become this brute force, physical and mentally in the form of a physical challenge... You know this is the man that is the only person that has been capable of breaking Batman, literally... And well i think the aspect of the challenge that Bane presents is far more terrifying than anything Batman has ever faced."

The Future Of Tom Hardy

"For the future of myself, well i don't know what the future has in store for me, as for i'm getting so many good film roles proposed to me. But its just trying to find the right ones to play, but i like being versatile, because bringing that versatility, your fans never know what to expect and i think that is pretty radical, because you don't know what to expect if you expect the unexpected. A possible dream roles, would be something really dark, kind of like Patrick Bateman style or maybe even Shakespeare, could take a play just to feel the standing ovation at the end of every performance or maybe i'd just like to see myself animated at one point in my career. But there is so much i want to do, its just waiting for the opportunity to present itself while i have a good cup of brew in hand... I just want to prove to the world that i am a thespian and a versatile one at that... Who knows one day we may see Tom Hardy dabble his skills to take on the stuff behind the camera. But i think the future of Tom Hardy is unexpected, who knows what will happen next."

Tom Hardy, Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Til Schweiger start war on March 2nd in This Mean War, a film directed by McG.


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