Thomas and the Magic Railroad Review

“Insane About Trains!”

June 19th, 2012

Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a British/American, live-action/CGI film based on the two children's classics, Thomas & Friends and Shining Time Station. Now, I've been a fan of Thomas & Friends ever since I was a toddler and when I seen this movie, I said that I lived.

The film happened when there was this train station called Shining Time Station where it was popular among many people. However, what the people don't know is that there was a world called The Island of Sodor where talking trains and humans work together. But, some rumors have been heard that there is an engine that can travel between both worlds but was kept hidden away after a diesel locomotive went after her.

It is all up to the one and only and the best in blue, Thomas the Tank Engine where he has to protect the lost engine from the evil Diesel 10 and his two, unintelligent, Class 08 locomotive sidekicks, Splatter and Dodge. With the help of Sodor's Mr Conductor, his lazy cousin C Junior, two children called Lily and Patch and Burnett Stone, Lady's keeper.

This film has been an all-time classic after I watched this in the cinema. At one scene where Diesel 10 was talking to Splatter and Dodge under a rooftop, Toby the Tram Engine rang his bell. This caused Diesel 10 to use his brown claw and very stupidly, smash the roof and end up crashed under it. After I saw this, everybody started laughing and I was the loudest.

However, despite that this is my childhood classic, I do have a few negative thoughts about this film. First of all, the voices for the engines didn't really match to their character. Diesel 10 was actually quite frightening (I'm not scared, I'm thinking of young children). I did hear about this character called PT Boomer, a motorist and he was cut because he was scary for kids. When I watched a few clips, I found him like a comic-relief character.

This very film has been my favorite film as a kid. I did hear that they're making ANOTHER Thomas the Tank Engine and surprisingly, despite that I'm a 15-year-old boy, I want to see it to remember the times I enjoyed as a kid.

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