Thor: The Dark World Review

“Unlike His Previous Outings, As Real And Whole As Thor Is As A Character The World Around Him Is Lesser Dark More Confusing And Disjointed. The First Film To Dip In Marvels So Far Confident And Successful Line Of Films. Why?”

October 31st, 2013

Thor: The Dark World, not quite a valid title, nor is it a follow up that really hits hard. Wherein its predecessor settled a source material that could have gone either way, wayward, a guy in drapes and who flies and spews Shakespearean esque lingo, like guys we all know and had low expectation on the running,- but Kenneth Bran did a sublime job as did scripters as making a very deep human foibles tale which did include god-super heroes, rivalry and keeping the whole Norse God mythos entangled and it melted together and stuck and was and had a sheen. Fun, action packed, funny, a charm which barly scrpaes the surface with the follow up. Its main fault was, none, for the osurce and how this could have been managed, Thor as long as he is in the right hands, as was obvious with Whedon on Avengers ( to be honest anything nerdy or comic or character revelatory Whedon can put a spin on it and keep it on the map of realism and still entangle a more deeper depth) keeping it all nicely balanced places Thor as a great and one of the main three favourites with HULK, IRON MAN, and still Thor still stands as one of my favourite Marvel films to date.

I feel personally too much attention was focused on certain films, and this was passed on, with strict and profuse confidence to alumina TV Maestro of tension action and every Games Of Thrones Alan Taylor . Alan T. has directed many a grand episode of Sopranos and numerous other big hits in the USA and world wide, but to bring Taylor in on the principle of just his experience with the- my personnel opniion a boring and very unsophisticated nad uninteresting series- though I am proved wrong due to the throng of fans who will perhaps now be on my case as of with clad in their armour and wielding there swords and benting my door with their heavy gauntlets- Games was the obvious reasoning's and is translated here on screen, for the worse of the film. Fault lies within the script, but namely the helmsman who is Taylor. He moves in on a world already established and one that works as well as it does and still shines in your minds eye, the feeling of the previous was what it was, absurd, bright, other worldly but here its back to Ye Olde brick a brick, bricks and Mortar, a realism that shows itself up to being a melodrama and cliché look off Asgard, this realm heavily changed.

Continuity, plot holes, everything this film has, a lack of depth to the sotry and how it is interchangeable with Portmans and Hemsworths dynamic, its all throw it into the pot, but this pot had too many a good idea, too many a balance issue, the only thing the strikes is keeping the charm and still self guided arrogence but humour and bravado and chemistry between all things Loki and Thor, and this is when the film picks up and has a storyline we can follow. I could go onto describing the story of the 9 realms placating each other and the By-Frosts remuneration into action, and many other plot points, but alas that is all points to move the story along then dwindled at the sign of failure, okay that's done move on type arc. The stories consistency is out the window, and here is how the film is locked down as and fulfilled

Weak Prologue, a darkness, dying Dark Elves, Malekith going into hiding and allowing his Elves to commit their own version of a kamikaze suicide drop.

Reintroduction to Asgard, revelatory insight into inner planet races battling for something or other.

Dark Elves Hidden, Portman Posssed by this hidden Dark Energy, why? there are pockets of open space that allow you, like a worm hole to pass through other sides to other planets yadder blergh blergh.

More nonsense, more Thor grinning, single shots, wide shots, Fight, Action, Talking inconsequential revelatory reasoning

More Talk

More Repetitive Samsy sword waving fast action

Weak Villian waving his hands about

The End

In-between the lines there is greatness, but the film in spots feels rushed, the late score not heart thumping. Confidence of Kevin for this project was either- Hey this is Thor people like him it will work people love the hammer smashing Elves to bits let Taylor enjoy, and yes people will rejoice in this temperament, it is a big blockbusting ball sack nutting ride, but for fans of cinema it self and Thor, I hope will feel a bit hard done by, this far we have come with Marvels Phases and this one drops the latters superior success, to say this will not be is a lie, audiences will love it but fans of the source and films in general will see that the film is a concoction of ideas, scenes set about, all wrapped then there's a buttery filling, sour in patches on one batch on others seamless and showing what its potential is. Weak storyline, weak villain, lacks the rhythm temp and attitude that Kenneth introduced and what Whedon built on. We all know and will continue loving Thor but hopefully the next Hammertime adventure needs a bit more oomph and confidence in its own world instead of creating various scenarios then getting scared and treating the audience as dumb by skittering along and distracting with heavily funded but often ( feelings wise) unfinished CGI effects.

Next time, more romance, better script writers, the humour is there, but source material/ ideas/ character arcs and development there, the counter balancing, the pacing, the mover ability gone, all we have is a Director set to build on his CV bigger better action sequences and add to his CV as now Science Fiction Fantasy Director ACTION DIRECTOR, not a fulfilled Diverse Director itself like Whedon and Kenneth B.

Tacky, bloated, continuity story wise and plots and sub plotting all over the place, scattered across the 9 realms it feels. Like the finale where Thors Hammer goes AWHOL and skitters through these pockets in space and time this feels just like the viewing of this movie, here once place then within another mind frame.

3D- don't even ask.


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