Thor: The Dark World Review

“Comic Book Movie Gold”

November 4th, 2013


Its no secret 2013 has been a disappointing year for comic book movies not quite living up to fans expectations certainly for me at least but director Alan Taylor and the guys at marvel get it right with THOR: THE DARK WORLD. playing it safe and taking no risks marvel sticks to the formula that made the first thor such a success thor 2 is a fine balance of drama, comedy, and just pure comic book entertainment.

Now admittedly the plot and central villain are not as strong as they should be but the the film has such an element of fun you cant help but enjoy it and keeping Loki in the mix really makes up for Malikieth as Loki provides us with some of the films funniest and exciting moments.

everything else has definitely been taken up a notch, the stakes are higher and the action is fantastic giving us less of earth and more Asgard with every character getting a slice of the action. The effects are simply stunning, though its a shame the 3D doesn't add to the movies visuals. the themes here aren't as dark as some other recent comic book movies i.e. dark knight rises and iron man 3 which im all for by the way but i think its great it when parents can go to a movie like this with much younger viewers and enjoy it without worrying what there kids are watching.

When i heard about the amount of humor in the movie i began to get a little worried i thought i was gonna see a repeat of some of the goofy humor in iron man 3 but thankfully they got it right. minus 1 or 2 gags that some might not be in to most are well timed and doesn't come off as trying so to hard.

Thor 2 packs a punch and wheres a smile while doing so, i love these characters and im more than happy with the sequel, im looking forward to what the overall reaction to the film will be but i haven't left the theater after a comic book movie this year with lesser gripes then Thor 2 which means for me Thor the dark world is the comic book movie of the year.

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