Thor Review

“Very Impressed. One Of The Better Marvel Movies To Have Been Adapted For The Big Screen”

May 10th, 2011

i'm not gonna go on explaining the plot cuz you can read twenty other reviews that will tell you that, all i'm gonna say is that i thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it was one of the better superhero movies i've seen in a while. people are comparing this to the likes of the first Iron Man movie because of it's down to earth realizm that it portrays but it's honestly better than that because it's not on earth, it's other wordly type shit that i think the marvel film companies should read into a bit more. Chris Hemsworth did an excellent job as a believable "god of thunder and lightning" owning the frost giants and fuckin the shit up on the Destroyer. Anthony Hopkins gives a powerhouse performance as the King of Asgard and all the supporting roles like Loki and Hemdail the gatekeeper are done with a tone and pace that just make you say, "wow, what a bunch of gangsters and owners" i really liked Thor and I thought the action was absolutley brilliant and the action scenes were very well executed. Especially for a director who really has no experience with a powerhouse film like this. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Kenneth Branagh directing something else of this scale cuz the man obviously knows what he's doing. I wasn't even high and i felt like i was transported to another time and dimension right there with the characters on this exhilarating ride through space and time. obviously there were some scenes that could have been a little sicker but i'm still so happy i spent twelve bucks to go on a journey through space and time and got to see my man thor fuckin shit up and owning everybody. it was a dramatic and action packed adventure that i highly recommend spending the cashflow to get see this 3D epic adventure of visuals, sick ass action, and intense drama that keeps you enthralled until the last scene. a very well executed set up for a hopefully even more epic future marvel film, the avengers. rock and roll thor. yur a gangster


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  • mattbierwagen • 5 years ago

    @nerblesmcgee not a bad review! try to be a little more grammatically correct next time and divide it into paragraphs making it easier to read. Nice Job!


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