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Titanic is an epic, action-packed romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, the pride and joy of the White Star Line and, at the time, the largest moving object ever built. She was the most luxurious liner of her era -- the ship of dreams -- which ultimately carried over 1,500 people to their death in the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic in the early hours of April 15, 1912. In 3D at select locations.

Titanic News
9 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Should Have Won an Oscar9 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Should Have Won an Oscar
Leonardo DiCaprio is up for his 5th Best Actor Oscar nomination this Sunday, but there are better roles he should have won for than The Revenant.
Titanic 2D and 3D Blu-ray Debuts September 14th
Director James Cameron's Oscar-winning classic includes over two and a half hours of new special bonus material.
James Cameron Considered Reshooting Titanic Due to Factual Errors
The filmmaker discovered several factual errors in the years after its original release, including how the ship actually went down.
Titanic 3D Conversion Featurette
Director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau discuss the lengths they went to for this 3D conversion, which sets sail in theaters April 4.
Titanic 3D Gets April 3rd Sneak Preview in the U.S.
James Cameron's 1997 Best Picture winner will first be screened in Canada on Monday, April 2nd.
Six Titanic 3D Banners
We also have a new poster for this upcoming re-release of the classic James Cameron drama.
Titanic 3D Ship Restoration Photo
Take a look at the infamous ship in this newly restored 3D version hitting theaters April 4
Titanic 3D Italian Poster
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet return in this restored re-release of the 1997 hit film directed by James Cameron.
Titanic 3D Valentine's Day Sneak Preview Crashes Box Office Servers
These free advanced screenings of James Cameron's Best Picture winner sold out within hours of being announced yesterday.
Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses to Promote Titanic 3D
Though the James Cameron epic put the star on the map, he would rather look to the future than the past.
Titanic 3D Featurette
James Cameron takes audiences through the process of re-releasing this timeless classic, in theaters this April.
Titanic 3D Trailer
Director James Cameron will release his 1997 Best Picture winner in a new 3D presentation on April 6, 2012.
Titanic 3D Poster
The first trailer for this 3D version of James Cameron's Best Picture winner will be released tomorrow.
Titanic 3D Footage Q&A with James Cameron
Producer Jon Landau is also on hand to show eight 3D scenes from the 1997 blockbuster, and discuss the reasoning behind its conversion.
Titanic 3D Sails Into Theaters April 6, 2012
This new 3D release of James Cameron's blockbuster will coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the launch of the Titanic.
James Cameron Talks Terminator 2 3D Conversion and Cleopatra
The director also talks about converting Titanic for 3D audiences.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: James Cameron Talks Avatar Re-release, Avatar Sequels, Titanic 3D and More!
We go 1-on-1 with the Oscar winner to discuss Avatar, Titanic 3D, the Alien Prequel, an Aquaman movie, and more!
EXCLUSIVE: James Cameron Talks Avatar Sequels and Titanic 3D!
The Oscar winning director discusses his planned sequels to Avatar as well as a 3D version of Titanic.
Titanic 3D to Re-release April 2012
James Cameron is converting his blockbuster hit into 3D for the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking.
Avatar Sequel, Battle Angel or The Dive Next Up for James Cameron?
Producer Jon Landau drops some hints at what Cameron could be directing next.
Jon Landau Reveals More Titanic Plans for 3D and Blu-ray Releases
James Cameron's producer recently spoke about 3D and BD plans for the 1997 classic.
Avatar Surpasses Titanic as the Highest Grossing Domestic Film!
James Cameron's latest epic now stands at $601.2 million for its domestic haul.
Avatar Breaks Titanic's Worldwide Box Office Record Becoming the #1 Grossing Film of All-Time!
James Cameron's film has made history after just six weeks in theaters.
Will Titanic Sail the Blu-ray Seas in 2009?
A new story hits the web with a load of possible 2009 BD releases
Titanic 10th Anniversary Edition to Hit Stores November 20
This release to be contained in a two-disc set.
Titanic and Crash Win Big at the Entertainment Merchants Association Awards
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Lost and Madagascar also take home honors.
9 Minute Alternate Ending on the Titanic DVD
Coming to DVD on October 25th.
Three Version of Titanic to Set Sail
Different formats hit different countries.
Go back to Titanic in October
...two new DVD special edition releases are finally coming home
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