Triptych feature telling three separate tales set in Tokyo, Japan. "Shaking Tokyo" centers on a man who has lived for 10 years as a hikikomori, (a term used in Japan for people unable to adjust to society and so they never leave their homes) and what happens when he falls in love one day with a pizza delivery girl. "Interior Design" follows the story of a wannabe movie director who arrives in Tokyo with his girlfriend only to find that parts of her bones are turning into wood.

EXCLUSIVE: Joon-ho Bong Takes Us Deep Into the Heart of ‘TOKYO!’

How did the three of you come to create this particular anthology of Tokyo based films? What was the main push behind it?

Bong Joon-ho: To me, the biggest motive to participate in this project was the city of Tokyo itself. It is the most frequently visited foreign city. The complexity and complicated history; the very strange feelings. It was so appealing to approach those feelings with a film.

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BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Watchmen’ Secure Their Number One Status with $55.6 Million

Watchmen came on strong Thursday at midnight, with its initial theatrical debut pulling in over $4 million, but those figures didn't hold throughout the weekend. Considered a tough sell by some, Zack Snyder's highly anticipated graphic novel adaptation secured $55.6 million over the weekend, making it the number one film. But it fell below industry expectations. It proved to be a popular film with fans of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' original book, but those not in the know were slightly baffled by this superhero outing. You can look for it to drop quite a bit next week, as the film certainly didn't live up to its hype in the eyes of the general film going public.

Dropping to number two in its third week of release is Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail. The comedic drama pulled in another $8.8 million, which makes its cumulative take $76 million. This is a career best for Perry, and he has already signed on to do two more films for Lionsgate. Though, it is still up in the air as to when Madea herself will return to the big screen. Also experiencing a career high this year is Liam Neeson, whose Taken remains in the number three position. A true crowd pleaser, the Luc Beeson produced action thriller took in another $7.4 million, placing its stateside cumulative profits at $118 million. Worldwide, the film has already grossed $190 million. Taken is looking to be one of the biggest surprise hits of the year.

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