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Maverick is a reckless ace fighter pilot, living with the ghosts of his famous aviator father and his own penchant for hijinks. Along with his best friend and navigator, Goose, Maverick attends the Navy's elite air combat academy where the two work together to compete for the title of Top Gun against the best of the best Naval aviators.

Breaking rules and convention is his specialty and, true to form, Maverick falls in love with a civilian instructor at the academy. When his best friend, Goose, is killed in training, Maverick must pull himself back from the brink to prove that he can change his ways and become a team player.

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30 Movies Turning 30 in 201630 Movies Turning 30 in 2016
1986 is responsible for bringing us some of the most beloved movies of all time, including Top Gun, Ferris Bueller and even Howard the Duck.
EXCLUSIVE: Kenny Loggins Talks Top Gun 3D and the Lasting Power of Danger Zone
The king of 80s pop soundtracks reminisces about his contributions to this classic action drama, on Blu-ray 3D this week.
CONTEST: Win Top Gun 3D on Blu-ray!
Relive director Tony Scott's 80s classic starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in hi-def 3D, debuting February 19th.
EXCLUSIVE: Tom Skerritt Talks Top Gun 3D
The man who played Tom Cruise's mentor in this 80s action classic takes us back to the set, in theaters this weekend.
Top Gun 3D Poster
Director Tony Scott's 1986 classic returns to the big screen for a six-day IMAX 3D engagement, starting February 8.
Top Gun 3D Trailer
Director Tony Scott's 1986 classic starring Tom Cruise returns to the big screen for a limited engagement in IMAX 3D starting February 8.
Top Gun 3D Confirmed for IMAX Release in February of 2013
The studio will release the 1986 Tom Cruise classic on February 8, 2013, with a Blu-ray 3D release to follow later in the year.
Top Gun 3D Re-Release, Top Gun 2 in Limbo After Tony Scott SuicideTop Gun 3D Re-Release, Top Gun 2 in Limbo After Tony Scott Suicide
Paramount executives are worried that releasing the 3D version of the late director's 1986 classic will be deemed insensitive or exploitative.
Top Gun Gets 3D Conversion Re-Release!
Legend3D is working on the conversion of Tony Scott's aerial classic, which should hit theaters early next year.
EXCLUSIVE: Kelly McGillis Talks Top Gun 25th Anniversary Blu-ray
The actress looks back at director Tony Scott's blockbuster hit, on Blu-ray this Tuesday, August 30th.
Tom Cruise to Headline Top Gun 2
Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie sent out an update about his sequel that squashes rumors Maverick will only be making a cameo.
Tony Scott Talks Top Gun 2
The film will focus on what happened to the heroic fighter pilots in the decades since the iconic Top Gun.
UPDATE: Top Gun 2 Moves Forward with Tom Cruise Cameo?
Paramount has offers out to director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to revitalize this 1986 classic.
Top Gun Sequel in the Works with Tom Cruise?
A new story reveals that Cruise is keen on reprising his role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.
Our Soju Boys head to the future site of the ARC Light theater for a premier screening of Top Gun!
Top Gun gets another release on DVD
...Paramount announces a new collector's edition 2 disc set
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