Toy Story 3 Reviews

  • An absolutely dreadful summer at the movies is rescued by the wizards at Pixar.

    Julian Roman — MovieWeb

  • Even with the bar raised high, Toy Story 3 enchanted and moved me so deeply I was flabbergasted that a digitally animated comedy about plastic playthings could have this effect.

    Owen Gleiberman — Entertainment Weekly

  • This film -- this whole three-part, 15-year epic -- about the adventures of a bunch of silly plastic junk turns out also to be a long, melancholy meditation on loss, impermanence and that noble, stubborn, foolish thing called love.

    A.O. Scott — New York Times

  • How the animation wizards at Pixar keep coming up with innovative and rapturous stories is one of the miracles in modern film.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • It's an emotional dissonance Pixar has always been supremely comfortable with, as Toy Story 3 once again proves with knowing humor, wildly imaginative visual virtuosity and bittersweet rue.

    Ann Hornaday — Washington Post

  • Toy Story 3 rouses itself, rung by rung of visual and conceptual invention, until it can stand close to the level of Pixar's best. More than that: The heart still beats in this franchise's digital chest.

    Ty Burr — Boston Globe

  • When teenaged Andy plops down on the grass to share his old toys with a shy little girl, the film spikes with sadness and layered pleasure -- a concise, deeply wise expression of the ephemeral that feels real and yet utterly transporting.

    Eric Hynes — Village Voice

  • By the time its poetic ending arrives, encapsulating the transformative, continuing power of play, we recognize that none of us move from one stage of life, or beyond, without help from our friends.

    Joe Neumaier — New York Daily News

  • I won't tell you what that ending is, but it took my breath away, and I'll bet it takes yours. Do see this lovely film sooner than later.

    Joe Morgenstern — Wall Street Journal

  • The technical wizardry only enhances Toy Story 3's emotional resonance.

    Chris Vognar — Dallas Morning News

  • Consider the oft-amusing, terribly clever G-rated sequel Toy Story 3 as the brightest student in the class delivering a very fine B paper.

    Lisa Kennedy — Denver Post

  • Toy Story 3 succeeds not because of its glossy and gleaming high-tech pixels, but rather because it is so well-written that you could tell it with low-tech hand puppets and still thrill and reach an audience of children and adults both.

    James Rocchi — MSN Movies

  • There are many sweet laughs and joking allusions to horror and prison-break movies, but the Pixar gang gets at the most primary fear -- being cast off and no longer of use.

    David Denby — New Yorker

  • I expect its target audience will love it, and at the box office, it may take right up where How to Train Your Dragon left off. Just don't get me started about the 3-D.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • Though uneven and less witty than the first two, Toy Story 3 delivers quite enough in two dimensions.

    Michael Phillips — Chicago Tribune

  • Toy Story 3 is solid, smile-inducing stuff. But by the inherent nature of a sequel, and our familiarity with the main characters, the glow of originality has dissipated.

    Steven Rea — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • I'd like to thank the folks at Pixar for ending Toy Story 3 with a nice long gag reel alongside the final credits. It gave me time to blot away my tears before entering the lobby.

    Colin Covert — Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • More than with any other Pixar film, there's an edge and sadness that clings to Toy Story 3, even as it's bouncing from one zany situation to the next or trotting out some impossibly cute toy character.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

  • Toy Story 3 is very much a worthy entry in the series, a movie well worth making (and seeing). It continues the legacy. It just doesn't expand upon it.

    Bill Goodykoontz — Arizona Republic

  • This tertiary adventure delivers welcome yet nonessential fun, landing well after its creators have grown up and succeeded toying with more sophisticated stories.

    Peter Debruge — Variety

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