Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

"Spectacular Action! Michael Bay Creates Demolition Derby Warfare That'll Rock Your Mind!"

After the undistinguished sequel to the 2007 hit, Revenge of the Fallen changed the way I looked at these famous Hasbro toys. In all honesty, its surprising that I even gave Dark of the Moon a shot in the first place. Shame on me, however, for ever looking down on this film during production. Michael Bay has really outdone himself this time around making this third and final installment to the hit trilogy the best of them all! How did these corny toys from the 1980s become such a phenomenon? Alien robots transforming into vehicles? It may sound lame, but over the past few years I've seen it as no less than awesome. The trilogy may have hit a curb with its middle piece, but the beginning and end is enough for me to admit that it has been one fun, explosive ride.

It wasn't the spectacular looking visuals from the trailers that made me want to forgive Bay's work on Revenge of the Fallen, it was the tone. Dark of the Moon looked as if it'd be taking itself much more seriously than the first two as a way to go out with a dark bang. While the film does have that ridiculous humor that I still find unnecessary and over-the-top for these flicks, it doesn't play out as bad as it did last time. Dark of the Moon is the darkest of the series and it really helped build the intensity up to its epic, jaw-dropping warfare conclusion.

I found the first few scenes with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to be very funny in my own mindset. It almost felt as if Michael Bay was trying to send Megan Fox a message that pretty much meant: "See, I really don't need you. I have someone much hotter now." I also found it funny when one of the robots was speaking of Mikaela's character and called her a bitch. They really made her character seem horrible here where in the past two movies you could see a decent connection between her and Sam. I mean, how else would they get rid of the character though? It was surely better than just killing her off. But, it felt more like the way they were treating Mikaela's disappearance was more of a "F*ck you, Megan" from Michael Bay. Well, we couldn't of expected a happy farewell to the character, could we? I'm actually surprised the film didn't open with a funeral.

There are only two little things that really bothered me when watching Dark of the Moon. It doesn't compare to the countless number of issues I had with Revenge on the Fallen, so I treated this sequel much more fairly. Here are the two small problems that I couldn't get over from the film:

1) Dark of the Moon can be a little complex with its large plotline that only breaks off into more side plots. I was able to give my full attention and follow the film, but with three different things going on at once--including the massive action sequences--its hard not to have a headache when walking out. Why does it all need to be so complicated? Sure, Revenge of the Fallen did fail for its lack of plot, but Michael Bay tried to squeeze in a lot this time around. But things should be a little more simpler for a summer movie like this. There is the good...and there is the bad. All of the other nonsense felt just a little too out of place.

2) Transformers: Dark of the Moon offers some of the best action sequences I've seen on the big screen, but that clearly isn't the issue. The issue I had is how much Bay stretches out some of the action just to make the film longer. You are enjoying the film throughout, eyes glazed by what your seeing, but once it gets to Chicago's ultimate showdown, the explosions never stop and your just waiting for Optimus Prime to end the movie with his narrative farewell. A good 15 minutes could have been shaved off the end, but luckily the 3D keeps you in tact and happy.

The over-the-top, too-silly humor does still annoy me a little, but I can't admit it as a problem because in Dark of the Moon, its actually funny. As pointless as John Malkovich is here, his character still opens up with one hilarious scene. Nothing ever gets as horrific as Sam's mom getting high as a kite, (You suck, Revenge of the Fallen) but the humor can still be a little misplaced for a summer action movie, like Ken Jeon's character for example was just a little badly written.

The dialogue is pretty dreadful too, but once the action kicks in (well, its always on) you don't even care about what the people are saying. I can admit that I liked Rosie as Carly much more than I did Megan Fox as Mikaela. Rosie may not be the finest female actor, but she is certainly better than Megan Fox is. To take her side again, Rosie doesn't even get a chance to really show any skill here where actors just need to know how to scream and their all good for the cut. On IMDB she isn't set for any future films, but I'd really like to see her open up an acting career and see how she'd do in other movies.

In the beginning of the movie, a lot of real footage from 1969 and the Apollo lift-off is used. Michael Bay masterly crafts footage of JFK, Neil Armstrong, and others and pieces them in to make the "Top-Secret" cover-up storyline that involves an Autobots' spacecraft known as the Arc. Clearly none of it is true, but Michael Bay does an outstanding job make it all seem true for the sack of the plot. If it wasn't for the visuals or awesome shots, that would have been his greatest achievement from this movie.

The visuals are, of course, fantastic. What helps kick in a little extra juice to make it even more awesome is the 3D. This is the best 3D experience I've had yet, even better than Avatar. One scene that stood-out for me the most was when some of the characters were parachuting out of a helicopter. It looked awesome, to say the least. Shots of all the demolished buildings helped make it one epic little moment. I'll say it again, Bay you have really outdone yourself. The color, the explosions, the expensive action--Michael Bay has crafted demolition derby to the fullest!

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Written by Corey Wood

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