Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

“"Now, Let The Slaves Of Earth Learn The True Power Of Their Masters..."”

October 30th, 2013

To start things off, I thought the movie was going in the right direction when it started, but after the first 30mins or so, it took a turn for the worst. The plot stopped making sense, the characters are as dull as ever, special effects are used poorly, and overall the movie doesn't know what it wants to do.

The characters are just not very good in the movie, a couple stand out though, and the acting is very uninspired. It feels as if the actors themselves have grown tired of their one dimensional roles. Sam, is just as whinny as ever. I find it hard to relate to him. The new girl, Rosie, is good to look at, but her character is the typical damsel in distress. Shes not very proactive and does little to move things along. All the other characters including the robots monotone everything they say and half the time I can't differentiate them from one another. However, John Turturro and Patrick Dempsey bring some life into the movie.

While the special effects are amazing , they aren't used properly to tell the story. Everything meshes together and it becomes hard to know what really is happening. I don't know which robot I should be cheering for and which one I want to die. Especially in the last 45mins of the movie, story takes a back seat to the special effect, but I really don't know what is happening, all I hear is noise.

The movie itself is very confused. At times it wants to be a story about the humans, others about the robots, a love story, story about humanity, it's all just a jumbled mess. I don't become emotionally invested into what is happening and I could care less about what happens to the characters. The movie jumps tone very often and it becomes really confusing.

Overall, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is not a very good movie. The humor is juvenile, the story is weak, and the characters are uninteresting. Better than the previous movie, but not by much. I will say there are some cool scenes. The movie is criminally long especially the last 45mins. Also, apparently Michael Bay thinks that when a human explodes they spew out green and robots bleed, who'd a thunk? I give it a 2/5, lousy use of special effects, long, and uninteresting.

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