Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

“The DARKest Of The Trilogy”

July 2nd, 2011

All good things must come to an end.. even the bad ones. Here we have the supposed last film in the Transformers franchise. Transformers (pt 1), set the bar for what was on its way and of course potentially then becoming one of the biggest franchises in film history. With sellout seats at the theatre it's very hard to argue about how successful (financially at least) were the first two films. When it comes to story, structure, characters, plot, dialogue, development.. in other words ON PAPER (script).. Transformers lacks in almost every aspect. I think that most of the moviegoers valued Transformers very highly that when "Revenge of the Fallen" made its way through, their initial reaction was "WTF WAS BAY THINKING?!" I think "Fallen" fell way in too deep that Bay had a hard time digging himself and his crew out of it. And in DotM it shows exactly that.

The first 10 minutes of this film, are very creative. Is it original? Probably not, but creative it is. The STORY is not as awful as "Fallen" but it kind of feels like the pretty twin compared to the ugly one nobody likes. Though I will say this about the storyline, it is darker and edgier than the previous two films which is a good thing as it should be.

The ACTING I will not waste my time on mentioning much, but some people need to seriously stop with the RH Whiteley and Megan Fox comparisons. No, RH isn't taken seriously in this role, and I seriously couldn't care less about her character. And yes, both these actresses have aloooong way to go in their acting careers. Yeah, we like the return of Shia as Sammy (because we've gone through two previous movies with him). EH for Duhamel and Gibson (collecting a paycheck). FML, to the casting of Dempsey and Jeong ( Gah Jeong was horrible wasn't he?) I seriously thought we'd be golden since the Robo Twins were out, but then we get Jeong in perhaps the most annoying scenes in film history. I will say this though, Dempsey wasn't too horrible in his role, he at least had something to work with.

DIRECTING, we get more wider shots from Bay which is great because we get to see more of the action instead of just metal all over the place. Bay did a much better job at giving SOME of his characters screen time too.... But then again, we really don't get to know the bots like we did in Pt 1. There are some extremely weird scenes though, they jump from place to place and Bay has never mastered this til this day. FOR THE SAKES OF NOT SPOILING ANYTHING I'LL JUST SAY THIS... we get someone rescuing someone and then that someone is now at the hands of someone bad. Then that someone bad is somewhere else in the city (Chicago), and then that someone is not there anymore. Alot of inconsistencies. 0.0 I also have a problem with our villains in the film. Megatron I kid you not, is seen about 10-15 minutes in its entire 2 hrs 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is rough, yeah I get that we get to see more of the new bad guys, but in all honesty Megatron and Starscream deserved more screentime than Jeong!! (Still can get over that guy!) Loved him in Hangover, but Sh!t..

The VISUALS are top quality! Definitely the best visuals of the trilogy and of any other hollywood films. Great sound, nice 3D effects, and some good loud loud explosions. Now, is this one of the best action movies ever??? In my opinion, not even in the same breath as Gold Finger, True Lies, Lethal Weapon, Terminator 2, Road Warrior, Die Hard, and Raiders.. YET DotM separates itself from these films visually as one of the best LOOKING action movies there ever was.

Overall, the trilogy had its moments. And if Bay is aiming at a 4th which I wouldn't be surprised to see. He must approach it as if he were starting all over again, not completely, but that's the way he should approach it. This movie is going to make money and it's definitely well deserved to the people who made these incredible visuals come to life. If DotM doesn't get an Oscar for best visuals/sound effects.. they were high on Jeong....


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  • swaminathan • 5 years ago

    I dont like this review, it was very good movie indeed, no inconsistencies seen anywhere, a must watch movie for elderly people and in 3D youngsters should watch, but in India there are no much 3D theatres, We fans of BAY are dissapointed


    • Salem6777 • 5 years ago

      pretty good review check out mine


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