Transit Reviews

  • It's no Cape Fear, but it gets the job done with a certain bloody efficiency.

    Dennis Harvey — Variety

  • A ridiculous movie, abandoning logic immediately upon commencement, yet its dedication to pace and intensity is charming and frequently effective.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • Director Antonio Negret apparently strove to ensure that his film looks cheap, but that would be forgivable if Michael Gilvary's script wasn't so desperately stupid when it isn't psychologically risible.

    MaryAnn Johanson — Flick Filosopher

  • Not particularly original but efficient.

    Derek Malcolm — This is London

  • Its increasingly preposterous narrative and hysterically over-violent action makes it something of a guilty pleasure.

    Rich Cline — Shadows on the Wall

  • Transit delivers little of value, and never with a smile.

    Catherine Shoard

  • Entertaining, fast-paced, pulpy thriller enlivened by colourful performances, a decent script and a hefty dose of violence, though it mysteriously neglects a couple of obvious opportunities and has the occasional unintentionally laughable moment.

    Matthew Turner — ViewLondon

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