Trick 'r Treat Review


October 8th, 2009

It’s getting colder now. The days are growing shorter and the leaves have begun to fall from there branches. October is finally here and with it comes the release of the much anticipated Michael Dougherty film Trick ‘r Treat. A film that was plagued with so many set backs and delays that there is no way it could possibly live up to the legend that some have carved out for it, right? Well, it surprisingly and thankfully does. Trick ‘r Treat is an instant classic that will surely share company along side John Carpenter’s Halloween as a must watch for the Halloween holiday. It embraces so much of the Halloween spirit and lore, that one easily could be tricked into believing its Halloween even when the calendar says otherwise.


Trick ‘r Treat follows the likes of such classic horror fare as Creepshow and the popular television series Tales from the Crypt. There are four stories present in Trick ‘r Treat, but unlike the films influences, the stories in Trick ‘r Treat merge and intersect. Each story has its own feel and each one very well could have been its own feature, but they work perfectly in this structure. The first story showcases a school principal (played by Dylan Baker) who may be up to more than just school work. The old lore of checking your candy comes into play here, but that’s just the beginning. Our second tale of terror follows a group of kids as they try to contact the spirits of troubled children whose lives were lost in a school bus massacre. What starts off as fun quickly turns terrifying when their nightmares are brought to life. For our third chiller a twist is brought to the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. We follow Laurie (played by Anna Paquin) as she and her friends look for a good time on Halloween. All is not as it seems though as a stranger draped in black begins stalking Laurie. The events that follow will surprise you. The last of the spooky tales centers on a bitter old man (played by Brian Cox) whom gets paid a visit by a very determined trick ‘r treater. This little guy wants his treat and he is willing to kill to get it.


Now, for a little info on the face of Trick ‘r Treat and that face belongs to Sam (played by Quinn Lord). Sam plays the role of overseer and enforcer of the Halloween rules and traditions. Decked out in orange pajamas and a burlap sac that covers his true nature, Sam may look harmless, but when tested with keeping and preserving the lore of Halloween Sam gets a little rough. The Sam character was introduced in Michael Dougherty’s short animated film Season’s Greetings and he has all the makings of becoming the next big horror icon. When Sam is not on screen a piece of you misses the little guy, but when he shows up you know things are about to get interesting and someone is about to have a bad day.


The special features on the standard DVD are almost nonexistent. The only feature that is present is Michael Dougherty’s short animated film Season’s Greetings which gave birth to the Sam character. The short is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Its style closely resembles that of Charlie Brown. There is also an option to watch the short with director commentary which oddly is not included on the feature film. This is kind of where the DVD gets its hits. It seems that with every new DVD release, more and more is missing from the package. It’s a bit of a let down to see something that helped make DVD’s what they are fall by the way side. For such a long wait I though surely the disc would include features such as behind the scenes, deleted scenes, interviews and director commentary. While it is a bit of a disappointment, the lack of the features is not enough to hinder the release. They just would have been nice to have along with such a great film.


Trick ‘r Treat was a film that I was excited for right from its announcement. I had high expectations for it that continued to grow stronger with every good review and praise it got from those lucky enough to see it. After watching it my expectations weren’t just met, but they were exceeded. I truly believe Michael Dougherty has crafted a new classic that in time will join the ranks of other legendary and established horror films. This film truly does embrace and celebrate the spirit of not only what Halloween is about, but what it should be. From its creepy and chilled atmosphere to its spooky tale, Trick ‘r Treat does something that many other fright films based on the holiday have tried but ultimately failed at. It doesn’t treat the Holiday as just the setting, but as the main character itself. Trick ‘r Treat isn’t just a great spooky movie, it is Halloween.


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  • twistedsmile • 6 years ago

    That's odd, I could have sworn that first comment on here came from a chick that went by August something or another. A little disguise maybe?


    • revilolee • 6 years ago

      Great review!


      • indianajones • 7 years ago

        Nice review. Haven't seen this yet. Should be good in my opinion.


        • twistedsmile • 7 years ago

          Thank you man. Yeah, I really loved it, but just like every other movie some will like it and some won't. It's all fine with me. We all have our likes and dislikes.


          • the-screenwriter • 7 years ago

            Nice review, man. I'm glad you really liked this but I didn't really like this. I just found it okay. I loved the last twenty minutes and some of the middle but other than that it was just okay to me. I may have to watch this again.


            • zgcorleone072 • 7 years ago

              Great review, as well. Im dying to see this.


              • twistedsmile • 7 years ago

                Thank you.


                • ed-wood • 7 years ago

                  Good review. I thought this movie was great, we've already had two groups of friends over to watch it.


                  • righthandofdoom • 7 years ago

                    Great review. This is a classic. It truly captures the meaning of Halloween. Great movie.


                    • soylentgreen • 7 years ago

                      Great review. I am really hoping to see this soon.


                      • twistedsmile • 7 years ago

                        No problem. It is there to be scrutinized and debated. Thanks for taking the time.


                        • august22 • 7 years ago

                          I think you expectations were too high and it made you biased. This film was terrible. This review is not helpful, sorry.


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