True Lies (1994)

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  • 72%
Release Date
July 15th, 1994
  • Claude Zidi
  • Simon Michaël
  • Didier Kaminka
  • James Cameron

Latest 'True Lies' News

True Lies TV Series Eyes John Cena

It isn't known if he'll play Arnold Schwarzenegger's Harry Tasker from the 1994 James Cameron movie, or a different character.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron Not Involved with True Lies Series

The Oscar winning director admits that other than creating the film it is based on, he is not involved with the planned ABC series.

Jami Philbrick

True Lies TV Series Lands at ABC

James Cameron will executive produce the pilot which Rene Echevarria wrote based on Cameron's 1994 movie.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron Producing True Lies TV Series

Rene Echevarria will write the pilot based on Cameron's 1994 action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brian Gallagher