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Twixt follows three self-imposed mandates that Coppola requires in all of his new work: be his own original story and screenplay, have some personal element, and be self-financed. This particular story came to Coppola during a vivid dream he had while on a trip to Istanbul and is inspired by the writings of Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. The film also brings Coppola back to his horror roots that began during his apprenticeship with Roger Corman.

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Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning star in this thriller about a writer who discovers the horrifying truth behind a grisly murder.
Twixt Trailer
Francis Ford Coppola directs Val Kilmer in this cinematically innovative tale of gothic horrors.
SDCC 2011: Twixt Photo Features Francis Ford Coppola and Elle Fanning
The gothic indie stars Val Kilmer as a hack horror novelist who has ghostly visions.
Francis Ford Coppolla Brings Twixt to Comic-Con 2011
The director will present his horror-thriller at the San Diego event along with cast members Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Elle Fanning, and Ben Chaplin.
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