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Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) awakens after a car accident in Berlin to discover that his wife (January Jones) suddenly doesn't recognize him and another man (Aidan Quinn) has assumed his identity. Ignored by disbelieving authorities and hunted by mysterious assassins, he finds himself alone, tired and on the run. Aided by an unlikely ally (Diane Kruger), Martin plunges headlong into a deadly mystery that will force him to question his sanity, his identity, and just how far he's willing to go to uncover the truth.

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Unknown Blu-ray and DVD Arrives June 21st
Liam Neeson, January Jones, and Diane Kruger star in this drama about a man who wakes up from an accident and discovers his wife doesn't know him.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Unknown Takes the Top Spot with $21.7 Million
While I Am Number Four debuts at number two, and Gnomeo and Juliet holds steady at number three for a second week in a row.
BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will I Am Number Four Invade the Top Spot This Weekend?
Or do Liam Neeson and Martin Lawrence stand a chance of debuting in the number one spot on the box office charts?
Jaume Collet-Serra to Direct Red Circle
Steven Knight is writing this remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's 1970 thriller Le Cercle Rouge.
CONTEST: Win Big in Our Unknown Giveaway!
You could take home exciting Unknown prizes like T-shirts, hats, a bottle opener keychain, a laptop case, and more in support of this upcoming Liam Neeson thriller.
Unknown Clip Featuring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger
A high-speed car chase ensues throughout Berlin in Jaume Collet-Serra's upcoming thriller.
Unknown Photos Featuring Liam Neeson
30 brand new photos have arrived from Liam Neeson's thriller about a man trying to discover his true identity after a car accident.
The Hangover Part II, Footloose, and Sucker Punch Photos
Unknown, Source Code, Tower Heist images and more from 2011's release slate are also revealed.
Unknown Poster!
Liam Neeson and January Jones star in this thriller about a man whose identity is stolen after a car accident.
Warner Bros. Pictures 2011 Sneak Preview
Hall Pass, Sucker Punch, The Hangover Part II, Green Lantern, Sherlock Holmes II and more will arrive between January and December.
Unknown Trailer Featuring Liam Neeson and January Jones
The Jaume Collet-Serra-directed thriller to open in theaters February 18th.
Alex Heineman Talks Sherlock Holmes 2, Logan's Run and Other Upcoming Projects
The Producer discusses some of the upcoming projects that he and Joel Silver are working on for Dark Castle and Silver Pictures.
Unknown White Male Starts Principal Photography
The Jaume Collet-Serra film has commenced production in Germany.
Frank Langella Joins Unknown White Male
He joins Liam Neeson, January Jones and Diane Kruger in the Dark Castle thriller.
January Jones and Diane Kruger Join Unknown White Male
The actresses will co-star in this film with Liam Neeson.
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