V for Vendetta Reviews

  • A poorly paced and spectacularly disjointed rehash of Orwellian themes. It has a high production value and looks great, but suffers from a lack of narrative exposition that leads to sizable holes in the plot.

    Julian Roman — MovieWeb

  • V for Vendetta has a playful-demon vitality, but it's designed to let political adolescents of every age congratulate themselves. It's rage against the machine by the machine.

    Owen Gleiberman — Entertainment Weekly

  • This future-shock story about a masked avenger at war with a totalitarian British regime sags when it should zip.

    Manohla Dargis — New York Times

  • The dark and stylized V for Vendetta is visually exhilarating, provocative and disturbing.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • V for Vendetta is a piece of pulp claptrap; it has no insights whatsoever into totalitarian psychology and always settles for the cheesiest kinds of demagoguery and harangue as its emblems of evil.

    Stephen Hunter — Washington Post

  • The movie's a handsome piece of work, dramatically powerful even when it backs into silliness.

    Ty Burr — Boston Globe

  • Absorbing even in its incoherence, V for Vendetta manages to make an old popular mythology new.

    J. Hoberman — Village Voice

  • [An] enjoyable -- if occasionally irresponsible -- comic-book thriller.

    Jami Bernard — New York Daily News

  • Speaking of love, things go blooey instead of gooey whenever heroine and hero come close enough to touch; far from being sensual, let alone erotic, the movie proves to be not much fun at all.

    Joe Morgenstern — Wall Street Journal

  • As manifestoes go, this one's a beauty: draped like a funeral, smart as a whip and full of black-hearted romantic monologues and dramatically slit necks.

    Amy Biancolli — Houston Chronicle

  • V for Vendetta engages in lots of speechifying about the importance of ideas and the freedom to question them. Ironically, though, the movie doesn't really seem to have any ideas of its own.

    Tom Maurstad — Dallas Morning News

  • Fear is just one of the powerful themes in the ka-pow, ka-boom pleasure that is V for Vendetta.

    Lisa Kennedy — Denver Post

  • A welcome blast of pop subversion.

    David Edelstein — New York Magazine

  • The quarter-century-old disgruntled fantasies of two English comic-book artists, amplified by a powerful movie company, and ambushed by history, wind up yielding a disastrous muddle.

    David Denby — New Yorker

  • V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue, almost always has something going on that is actually interesting, inviting us to decode the character and plot and apply the message where we will.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • Only here and there do you find the spark and kinetic zap delivered by the first Matrix picture.

    Michael Phillips — Chicago Tribune

  • The swashbuckling first hour is superior to the second, which bursts at the seams with backstory, but a rousing climax makes this the most potent piece of agitpop in years.

    J. R. Jones — Chicago Reader

  • The movie is a lot of dark, Orwellian fun.

    Steven Rea — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Gripping, intelligent and innovative.

    Colin Covert — Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • V for Vendetta has something going for it that's rare in mainstream films: It has ideas. It has questions. And even when it pretends to have answers, it also raises questions about those answers.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

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