Vacancy Review

“What A Suprise!!!”

April 2nd, 2008

I just seen this last night and I have to say, it surprised the hell out of me! But I'm pretty sure this is some adaptation! Because the plot was very simple: a couple is staying the night at a motel, when they quickly find out they are next to star in a snuff film. Its simplicity sells and gives a very classic undertone!

The acting was pretty good. For a beautiful woman, Kate beckinsale is a pretty good actress. I enjoyed her work. Luke Wilson, was Luke Wilson, and did an ok job. But I like his "average guy" look! Their chemistry was on point! Definitely felt that they were married, they knew what buttons to push.

But I must say this movie would be just "ok" it wasn’t for the directing of Nimrod Antal. He was born in the states but, went to school in hungry. Truly artistic style of directing; my eyes caught that first, and I was totally in the movie! Very classic looking from the production designer! He did a great job making the motel very classic yet creepy looking!

Very Very Very good rent!!

I seen it on Stars(tv)

Good Date movie!

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