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A recently paroled man unwittingly picks up the wrong rental vehicle after a long flight. He soon realizes that he is the target of an entire police force that will use any means necessary to stop him and the tied-up female “passenger” he discovers in the trunk from getting to the courthouse to testify against their city’s top-to-bottom corruption.

Vehicle 19 News
EXCLUSIVE: Vehicle 19 Featurette with Paul Walker
A recent parolee is in a race against time to testify against police corruption in this fast-paced thriller, out on Blu-ray and DVD July 23rd.
Five Vehicle 19 Clips with Paul Walker
An ex-con finds himself being chased by corrupt cops in this high-octane thriller, in theaters June 14th.
Second Vehicle 19 Trailer Starring Paul Walker
The actor stars as a recently paroled man who picks up the wrong rental car and discovers a tied-up woman in the trunk.
Two Vehicle 19 Trailers Starring Paul Walker
The Fast Five star plays a man who stumbles onto a vast conspiracy after receiving the wrong rental car in this thriller.
Paul Walker's Vehicle 19 Images and Synopsis Revealed
Paul Walker stars in the indie action thriller that was filmed entirely in one car.
Safe, Vehicle 19 and Machine Gun Preacher Posters
The action films star Jason Statham, Paul Walker and Gerard Butler, respectively.
Paul Walker Takes a Seat in Vehicle 19
Mukunda Michael Dewil will direct this action thriller about an American con man transporting a hostage in South Africa.
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