Waitress Review

“It's A Delicious Story Of Life, Love, Dignity And New Beginnings.”

May 2nd, 2007

Kerri Russell stars as Jenna, a young wife of an abusive and controlling husband (Jeremy Sisto). Jenna is the "queen of kindness and goodness," as one of her friends tells her. When she discovers she is pregnant by her despicable and domineering husband she plots her escape. She hides money all around the house, as Earl, her husband, confiscates every cent she brings home. Jenna plans to save enough money to leave and start fresh. As someone tells her, "It's never too late" to start over.

She works as a waitress/baker in Joe's Pie Diner where every day she creates a new - and delicious - pie and gives it a unique name. For instance, how about a piece of I Hate My Husband Pie? "You take bittersweet chocolate and don't sweeten it. You make it into a pudding and drown it in caramel." Sounds great, doesn't it? Or would you prefer a slice of I Don't Want Earl's Baby Pie? This is a quiche combining egg and brie cheese with a smoked ham center. Whatever she creates is a slice of heaven.

Upon discovering she is pregnant Jenna goes to see her doctor, however she discovers her old doctor has retired and in her place is the young, handsome Doctor Pomatter (Nathan Fillion). They have an instant attraction that quickly leads to a passionate affair. From him Jenna receives the kindness and compassion not given to her by her husband.

Through the film Jenna comes to understand what she wants out of life and although she has not been free to live her own life, she learns how to understand herself. This journey through the nine months of her pregnancy leads her down a new path towards a happiness she has never experienced. As Russell says, "It's a story about falling in love and the many forms love takes. I though it was funny and sad at the same time, and one of the best scripts I'd read. It was also a chance for me to play the 'straight man' while everyone around me is so funny. It was a challenge just not to laugh during the scenes."

The movie was shot in a short 20 days on a small budget and proves you don't need a lot of effects and sets to make a nice film.

Andy Griffith co-stars as Old Joe, the owner of the diner and a crusty old man who sees the deep sadness within Jenna and understands her predicament. Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Shelly co-star as the other two waitresses in the diner, each with a mini-drama of their own. Besides acting in the film, Shelly wrote and directed the movie. Unfortunately she passed away last year and didn't get to see the enjoyment the film will bring to audiences.

Waitress is about second chances and learning to love yourself. The witty dialogue and sweet characters make this a fun story. The opening credits for the film are scrumptious! You'll definitely crave a piece of pie by the time you leave the theater. It's a delicious story of life, love, dignity and new beginnings.

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