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George and Linda are an overextended, stressed out Manhattan couple. After George is downsized out of his job, they find themselves with only one option: to move in with George's awful brother in Atlanta. On the way there, George and Linda stumble upon Elysium, an idyllic community populated by colorful characters who embrace a different way of looking at things. Money? It can't buy happiness. Careers? Who needs them? Clothes? Only if you want them. Is Elysium the fresh start George and Linda need? Or will the change of perspective cause more problems than it solves?

Wanderlust News
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Act of Valor Defeats the Weekend with $24.7 Million
Good Deeds finishes in second place with $16 million, and Wanderlust and Gone take eighth and ninth place.
CONTEST: Win Big from Wanderlust!
We're giving away a Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd DVD pack, along with a T-shirt for this David Wain directed comedy.
Wanderlust Red Band Clip
Paul Rudd tries to talk dirty to Malin Akerman in this R-rated clip from David Wain's upcoming comedy.
Wanderlust Red Band Trailer
Judd Apatow produced this comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple who join a nudist commune.
Second Wanderlust Poster
Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd strip off their clothes in this upcoming David Wain comedy.
Wanderlust TV Spot
Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd set off for enlightenment in this new comedy from Role Models director David Wain.
Wanderlust Poster
Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd star in David Wain's comedy about a Manhattan couple who find refuge at a nudist colony.
Wanderlust Trailer
Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, and Malin Akerman star in David Wain's new comedy about a troubled couple who discover a nudist colony.
Wanderlust Photo Featuring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston
David Wain directs this new comedy about a married couple who move to a bizarre commune.
Wanderlust Recruits Kathryn Hahn
Starring opposite Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston and Malin Akerman.
Wanderlust Adds Michaela Watkins
Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd star in the Judd Apatow-produced, Universal Pictures' comedy.
Wanderlust Lands Ray Liotta
Joining Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Malin Akerman in the Universal comedy.
Alan Alda Joins Wanderlust and Tower Heist
The actor will appear in both the David Wain and Brett Ratner comedies back-to-back for Universal.
Malin Akerman Joins Wanderlust
David Wain's new comedy stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as a married couple trying to escape society.
Justin Theroux Goes in Search of Wanderlust
The actor joins Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in this upcoming comedy.
Jennifer Aniston Signs on for Wanderlust
The actress will star in the previously-untitled comedy with Paul Rudd.
Paul Rudd to Star in New Judd Apatow Produced Comedy
Role Models scribes David Wain and Ken Marino have written the script which starts shooting in the fall.
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