Watchmen Review

"Three Words... Not That Exciting."

My first impression of the world of Watchmen was this movie. I never read the graphic novel, and I tried to stay away from anything that gave away heavy plot details during the whole hype process.

That being said, I sat down and watched this movie, and from scene to scene couldn't help thinking, "that scene could have been chopped down...". There are lots of drawn out scenes in this thing, all of which, I know are probably crucial to the overall capturing of the original graphic novel's feel, but as a movie goer, I got bored fast. And trust me, I'm the guy that loves summer blockbuster popcorn trash like Transformers. I didn't want that for Watchmen...but something was definitely lacking that made me really care.

On another note, I understand that this whole storyline came from the original graphic novel, but it's all bit ludicrous when it comes down to the costuming of these characters. I mean, everyone except Dr. Manhattan really had no reason to be dressed so ridiculously. I get it. You have to hide you true identity from the world...but spandex and crazy leather get-ups?

With all that said, the movie is beautiful to look at. The visuals are top notch, and the directing couldn't be better. Definitely worth checking out on the big screen. As far as owning this on DVD or Blu-ray, or ever experiencing the upcoming hour longer director's cut...count me out.

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