What's Your Number? Review

“The Most Unpredictably Funny Comedy Of This Year*”

October 6th, 2011

What's Your Number could possibly be the most unpredictably good comedy as of this year, garnering not only general appraisal but also a few slender ratings of 3 stars - 4. It often never looks solidly exceptional when you see Anna Farris appear on screen- her simpleton aura, her ditzy dame's usually gathering negativity and just abusive comments from some snooty critics. Abusive is not the right word- a tad exempla but still comments that hit it where it hurts: the truth! Also Chris Evens arrives on board- fluffy hair, beefy abs and biceps and muscles and veins popping for the audience to lick their lips over, but the honest truth is that he isn't on board for the eye candy, but for his own accord- a fresh new take on cinema- originality- instead of a stereotype hard up type of guy, though Mr. Evens has been picky with his career , never boarding on being the leading man or being the predictable stud, a wide array of different performances giving him a solid gold star in my books.

Where to start, this film is about a young women longing for a key man in her life, a women whose life is revolved around gossip columns and girly tip-bits in magazines- one of which catches her eye after being roughly let go at her firm, WHAST YOUR NUMBER? A piece depicting that if you have had more or less more than 20 lovers you will never find the man of your dreams. What with her candy fuelled mind she sets her tracks on the right man- but after a mishap she goes atop num' 20-so the genius plan that must prevail consists of tracking down her exes in hope to gain one of them as a husband a lover- her sister's wedding on the horizon egging her on along with an irritable mother who just wants the best for her daughter that makes her seem like the better mother- my darling child oh she's bagged herself a stud, all thanks to my bringing her up.

The film sees her neighbour- a stud himself always finding excuses to hide from the damned women who escape his bed with his shirts on- what budget must he have to be rid of all them crisply ironed shirts. Soon after an agreement or settlement that Evens character is allowed to hide and have excuses thrown out of the blue for him by Farris that he must track down her exes. You don't need to be a genius to predict that an emotional link arises but also it's done in the usual fashion of romantic comedies of this era.

Romantic comedies have been piled out in many a form- KNOCKED UP- about parenthood and love and senseless morons, BRIDEMAIDS- about an independent women trying to cope with the coax of her life in the lanes of love and passion, and others we dare not speak of, but others that are sex comedies have redefined it. Gross out, rude, hilariously wrought, here it goes back to just being funny upon whom the character is, what he/she is like in certain situations and the performances, here Farris is on fire, she's beautiful, she goes all out to expose herself, physically, and just in terms of acting in such a postural very formal way- a very comedically physically able actress. Her she challenges her inner dumb, but not dumb in the usual blondes she plays but generally naivety and the way her mentality can only hold so much powerful information on human nature. Evens is also a very strong key string here though the break up/make up scenes do fail under the pretence that there's no Apatow to produce and direct these scenes as he does with his genius, though the director does fine to handle the more broodingly predictable scenes than another could.


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