When a Stranger Calls Review

“This Is Some Scary Shit Right There!”

July 10th, 2008

This is the scariest movie I've ever seen! Good acting, terrifying to watch, and thank god, good acting! I strongly suggest this!


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  • chombe • 8 years ago

    i forgot her name ummmm i cant remember but she wasnt that much of a good actress and it was pg=13 wich means all the pre-teens annoying kids go lol...so i didnt enojoy it much in the theater...


    • lolo • 8 years ago

      agree with The Cryptkeeper.


      • catwoman • 8 years ago

        this movie was ok. sorry, but i give it a 3.


        • dugangsta • 8 years ago

          dude, luv de revew.

          i used to livd in oakland as well


          • critic500 • 8 years ago

            Im sorry but i really didnt like this horror flick that much, sorry but thats my opinon.


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