Why Did I Get Married Too? Review

“"Purely Entertaining"”

April 10th, 2010

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? follows a premise much like the original. Four couples vacation in order to explore and work on their marriages, and as a result, drama arises.

I personally think that the story is great. There were things that were hinted at in the first film that are more fleshed out in this sequel. And in fleshing it out, you get a story that's darker, having a more realistic, heavier tone. Why Did I Get Married Too? takes the drama to another level entirely. It's hard to pinpoint a single storyline in the film, but I feel that this was effective in putting the main theme of the film to the light, by dealing with the couples simultaneously. On the other hand, however, I do feel that the film is driven more by character than story. Depending on how you look at it, this fact can be viewed as a weakness or as a strength. I personally feel it is a strength. You basically get everything you loved about each character from the first film, magnified a thousand times in the second as the story goes along. It's because of this that this sequel has a high entertainment value. There are very few moments where you're not rolling in your seat with laughter. And it's because of this high entertainment value that I am able to overlook some of the annoying weaknesses of the film(especially at the end...don't even ask).

The acting in this film was phenomenal. No matter the moment in the film, serious or humorous, the acting was always top notch. Michael Jai White does a great job in bringing out the humor, which is a side of him, as an actor, that I've never seen before, and this role shows his versatility. But the best performances go to Malik Yoba and Janet Jackson. Together or apart onscreen, these two delivered very memorable performances. I personally didn't even know Malik Yoba could act as well as he did in this film. And I feel that Janet delivers her most memorable performance since Poetic Justice. In reference to the overall film, I do feel that, at times, especially in the beginning of the film, there was entirely too much improvisation. It works, but it nearly messes with the flow of the film, and also reaffirms the complaint that I have with all of Tyler Perry's films. However, I do feel that, with each film, he gets further and further away from the stage play feel. He's almost there.

Overall, I think this is Tyler Perry's best film yet. I think this is because of the heaviness of the content of the film. I feel he achieved a good balance between the dramatic and the humorous, but when those moments come about, they are unrelenting. I feel that the sequel beats out the first all around, and the first film was great. I warn you to beware of personal bias in viewing this film, as that will cause you too miss the essence of the film.

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