Wrath of the Titans Review

“The Movie Itself Seems Very Pessimistic About The Series Future.”

March 30th, 2012

Wrath is a real mixed bag. The standee's and posters will have shown you the real highlights of the movie, it's monsters. After that the only real highlights are Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes chemistry-wise and Bill Nighy and [the movie's only surprise, so I won't say what it is] having a great scene as well. Rosamund Pike is Andromeda this time and IO died off screen in between films of, I don't know... sequelitis? We're either supposed to care or not, and aren't really bothered with back story except that they had a son at some point. But, Perseus doesn't care as soon as he see's Andromeda, so why should you?

So, Io, Dead, Andromeda, Recast, Gods killed or missing off screen in-between movies. Olympus from the first movie... absent. If not for the 3 main leads and a black Pegasus you might not know this was a sequel to Clash.

The visuals are quite nice, most of the action scenes are decent there's one that I found laughably bad, but it's near the end of the movie, so I won't spoil that.

The 3D was really nice...

Many reviews are making a big deal about Agenor being comic relief, but I didn't see it. He has one or two nice snarky or witty remarks, but he's a more natural blend than most 'comic' characters usually are.

There are two real problems with Wrath. First, this movie obviously doesn't like it's predecessor. Like a movie in a bear trap it's gnawed off it's own leg to escape... Like Incredible Hulk did (ironic that, since Incredible Hulk's director made Clash...) So much of Clash is thrown out... kinda. It's all little things that are stepped on, slighted, ignored or changed, so you might not even notice. Except for the gleaming Saint Seiya (an anime that Clash's director based the Gods armor on) armor. Oh and there's a catch up mural at the beginning, in case you didn't see the first one.

Secondly, the movie itself seems very pessimistic about the series future. I won't say how, if you care, you'll wind up seeing the movie, if not... (why are you reading this even?) But this movie kinda comes off that they just aren't going to do anymore whether we like it or not. I guess there's always the prequel option, so maybe we'll get an update of Jason and the Argonauts that fails to be as cool as we remember the original. If not, this series is done.

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