X-Men: The Last Stand Review

“Well, That Caps This X-men Trilogy-with A Huge Hole Not Even Wolverine Can Heal”

January 10th, 2011

Compare this film to the previous two films and you'll view them as oscar contenders. What a mess this film was and I'm saying this lightly. Yes, it has its moments-but these moments are very little. The rest of the film just begs you to stop watching it, nonetheless, the third film I had never completely seen and today, unfortunately I did.

Warnings Spoilers follow***

The X-men face the "war" in which their nemesis Magneto sought to bring about when the discovery of a "cure" for mutants is produced. Jean Grey returns only the unstability of her powers has changed her completely.

In this film, it seemed the cast hated the direction of Brett Ratner, whose only good film I would say would have to be "Rush Hour". Ratner cannot, I repeat, cannot control a cast like this.

Seriously what the hell-Scott Summers aka Cyclops dies? Professor X-dies? Jean Grey as well? Seriously were the screenwriters smoking before they progressed with this idea? I could not understand how in the world these important characters all came to be non-existent throughout the entirety of the film. The first two films under great direction by Bryan Singer, were better in quality of not only the characters, but the careful dissection of each scene. To me, the scenes in X-men 2 alone which consist of the Nightcrawler's White house attack and the mansion invasion top, top this entire film. Not even the action sequences are decent and the FX is the only thing that can help even pull off a decent action sequence. The best example of this is when Jean Grey is obliterating Alcatraz as soldiers and the remaining X-men team flee the scene, excluding Wolverine, who seeks to stop her.

The barrage of new characters is completely and flat out annoying and unnecessary. Perhaps Ratner sought to please the fans of the comic books and yet he failed to do so. Yes, the characters you wanted to see very badly is in the film, but they are merely a tool in the entire film. No newcomer appealed to me and their costume design was just bland as well. Juggernaut's especially.

Composer John Powell's score is just very irritating to me in each sequence, his music tends to overblow things occurring within that scene way out of proportion. His work in this film made it seem as if it were over layed by a youtube user who just changed the music in a film clip.

What in the world happened to the intimidating acting of Ian McKellan in this film? In the past two films he did very well, but this one he just did not really seem to care. I do not blame Gandalf, but I do blame the screenwriters. Seriously, they did not understand the concept of Magneto's character. In the previous two films I loved how Magneto's remembrance of his times during the holocaust and how that helps his character to grow as a villain. How he perceives mankind. In this film, the backstory is just gone and replaced with nonstop action. God, I hated that. The same happened to Hugh Jackman as well. The persistence of his past is gone, though it was revealed in the previous film, there is much more to venture on in his past. The film just makes him a character unlike the one seen in the previous films and just give him the honor to really use those claws of his.

If you are looking for a film with fun, its your choice to give it a chance or not. I gave it a chance and I regret it.

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