X-Men Review

“The First Installment That Started The Three Part "X"-Travaganza!”

December 15th, 2008

The first installment to the X-Men series focuses mostly on the newcoming hero Wolverine and his joining of the X-Men. The movie is alright but i dont think it really was the best Superhero movie out there. The movie is weak at times and at some scenes...we'll boring. I'm not saying this is a terrible movie but i dont think it was the best WAY to start the X-Men series. The only X-Men movie i ever really LIKED was X2. X3 was a huge dissapointment to me, but this is a reveiw for X1. I also felt that the movie was a little too short. One hour and 40 minutes isnt long enough to be a superhero movie. A little longer....A Little Better.

The movie stars actors such as Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewert, Famke Jamesom, Halle Berry, and more. The acting in this movie is good but not great. I felt that in this X-Men movie the actors had no chemistry, unlike the other X Films. Maybe because its the first time being a Marvel Character...i dont know. But the acting could have been much much better.

The visuals were not a problem with me. I liked the visuals, the X-Jet looked pretty cool to me. Altough, one fighting scene in particular bothered me, the Toad, i hated his look. It looked completly stupid and nothing like the cartoon from the comics, well, the old comics at least. But awesome effects anyway.

All and all, i thought that this wasnt half-bad. It had good acting and a standing story. 3 and a half stars for me. Check out my X2 reveiw now. Please.


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