Yogi Bear Review

“No Smoking In The Smarter Than The Average Bear Forest!”

April 28th, 2012

Yogi Bear is a live-action/CGI film about a mischievous bear duo, who live at Jellystone Park, sneak around the picnic area and steal the picnic baskets, or 'pic-a-nic baskets' as Yogi describes them. The bear duo soon find out that they must help Ranger Smith and Rachel, a nature filmmaker, save the park!

It all happened where Yogi Bear and his small sidekick, Boo Boo, steal the picnic baskets by using clever and whacky schemes. However, Mayor Brown decides to shut Jellystone Park down in order to make money. Yogi Bear must use his 'smarter-than-the-average-bear' brains to save the park and his baskets.

Now, I'm not calling it brilliant; I'm calling it average. I've been a fan of Yogi Bear ever since I was a child, particularly 'Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!' and I dared Hanna-Barbera to make a live-action film. I've watched it on my 14th birthday and I thought it was funny and child-friendly.

I did laugh at some bits particularly Yogi hiding his 'Basket Napper 2000' , pretending it's not there when Ranger Smith intervened, the river ride and Yogi using his 'Basket Napper 3000'. Yogi Bear, is funny and if I was 5 again, I would adore it! I hope they'll make a sequel, for which they are doing...

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