Zombie Strippers Review

“A Campy Horror Movie That Delivers On The Title.”

April 1st, 2011

I hate campy movies & I don't like horror movies so why did I watch this? Because I like zombies & I like naked girls even more.

There were plenty of zombies & plenty of naked girls. But it really is a very campy horror movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the high production values & Jenna Jameson was better than I expected. The zombie makeup was very well done. This movie is more like a horror movie than a normal zombie movie because in this movie we see the zombies feasting on people. It was too graphic for me but if you are used to horror movies then you might like the close ups of zombies eating human flesh. The zombie attacks are slow & gory & there are a lot of them. The special effects were really good so it was a little too gross for me, I kept hoping we would go back to the naked strippers & luckily we did.

There is plenty of nudity in this movie (there better be, with a name like zombie strippers!) so you don't have to wait long to see some. The strippers aren't just zombie strippers, they are philosophical zombie strippers. They quote Nietzsche in a town called Sartre while the new girl is having an existential crisis about whether she will conform & be a stripper or not. They discuss how being dead removes their fear so they are better strippers. The movie throws in some dated political satire & commentary that unfortunately doesn't apply anymore. There are attempts at humor but the movie just isn't that funny.

It is not a very good comedy but it is a very good gore/nudity movie though, so it does not disappoint on the promise of its name.


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  • dan1 • 5 years ago

    Lol, so basically it's just boobs and gore. Might check it out, it's available for instant stream on Netflix.


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