Zombieland Review

"Nut Up Or Shut Up, Zombie Dickhead!"

"Zombieland" was one of the best zombie comedies I've seen in my entire life! But...I've never seen "Shaun Of The Dead" and "Dawn Of The Dead" yet. "Zombieland" was the first zombie movie I've seen, and it's still great!

STORY: This movie has an interesting story. It's about 4 survivors of a zombie apocalypse and they go on a perilous, but-yet hilarious journey throughout Zombieland...trying to survive! I love it when the story gets funnier and funnier until the end of this movie!

ACTING: I love the acting! Woody Harrelson was hilarious as Tallahassee! I don't know Jesse Eisenberg. I've never even heard of him, but whenever it showed him in this movie, he reminded me of someone like Jonah Hill or Michael Cera from "Superbad." I don't know much about him, but I thought he did good. Emma Stone (Ohhhh!) was SMOKING HOT, and I was glad to see her again since "Superbad!" I love her! And Abigail Breslin, who I also think is really pretty even if she is 13 years old, was really good playing Little Rock. These 4 main actors were suitable playing their characters in this movie and they did great! I'm really impressed!

DIRECTING: The directing was nice. Ruben Fleischer (What is it with these unknown directors I've never heard of!?!) did a great job directing this fun zombie comedy. Not much to say about him since I've never heard of him, but he still did a nice job...and I wonder what he'll do for the sequel.

VISUALS: This movie has outstanding visuals! It's blood-and-guts fun whenever the zombies are eating innocent civilians at the beginning, and even when Woody Harrelson is beating up or shooting these zombie brains...even the fat ones at the store they were at during one part in this movie!

OVERALL: A really enjoyable zombie comedy masterpiece, and I recommend this to you all...even if your a zombie fan like me! This movie is funny as hell and I say see it now before it leaves the big screen! But if you haven't seen this movie yet, wait for the DVD!

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