2018 Movies


    • Animation

    Loosely based on the novel "The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights" by Bruce Zick, which kicks off when a mummy's curse condemns Dr. George Henry's spirit to the Egyptian Underworld. While trying to free him, Henry's son Chance plumbs the depths of the Underworld and encounters a variety of monsters.

    April 29, 1992

      • Drama

      Tells of an ex-criminal who must save his son when a group of thugs raid his place of work in the hopes to steal an expensive amount of platinum. The title refers to the L.A. riots in 1992.

      Bad Dads

        • Comedy

        A spin-off of the 2016 summer movie comedy hit Bad Moms.


          • Short

          This is the story about Rufio, before the mohawk, before Neverland, before he was The Pan. Roofus is a 13-year-old kid who is destined to be more than he is. After his mother is forced to put him into a foster home, he and his rag-tag group of best friends, a Jamaican boy named Julani and a bright-eyed latina force of nature named Ella, find a way for Roofus to escape his ill fate, find his happy thought and fulfill his destiny. The story has been reverse engineered from what was set-up in Hook. We answer all the questions you've ever wondered, How and why is Rufio the leader of the Lost Boys? Where does "bangarang" come from? And of course, how he gets the mohawk.


            • Comedy

            A live-action movie based on the Barbie dolls.


              • Superhero

              The superheroine is getting her own standalone movie from filmmaker Joss Whedon.

              Batman Ninja

                • Animation

                Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

                  • Superhero

                  The latest DC animated movie focusing on Batman.

                  Beyond the Green Inferno

                    • Horror

                    Big Hero 6 Sequel

                      • Animation

                      A sequel to the 2014 animated hit based on the Marvel comic book.