2018 Movies

Untitled Dick Cheney Project

    • Biography

    The story of Dick Cheney, the most powerful Vice President in history, and how his policies changed the world as we know it.

    Untitled Disney Fairy Tale #2

      • Fantasy

      No Details have been revealed for this latest live-action Disney fairy tale.

      Untitled Disney Female Santa Claus Movie

        • Comedy

        Currently going by the running title “Nicole,” the story revolves Santa’s daughter who is forced to take over the family business when her father decides to retire and brother ends up getting cold feet prior to his first big Christmas Eve flight.

        Untitled Disney Pinocchio Project

          • Family

          Peter Hedges is penning a feature loosely based on the original Pinocchio story about a boy carved from wood who dreams of becoming a real child. The boy gets his wish but is prone to stretching the truth, and each time he does, his nose grows longer.

          Untitled John Delorean Documentary

            • Documentary

            A documentary fused with narrative scenes, this portrait of John Z. DeLorean covers the enigmatic automaker’s rise to stardom and shocking fall from grace. Interviews with colleagues, employees, lawyers, friends and family who knew him best are interspersed with dramatized vignettes, including a performance by Alec Baldwin -as they all endeavor in their own ways to uncover the real DeLorean.

            Untitled Josh Gad / Jeremy Garelick Musical

              • Musical

              A contemporary vehicle for Gad to play a domestic who integrates into family with a busy single mother, and becomes an important part of the clan. The story was co-written by Gad and Garelick, who worked together on The Wedding Ringer, the comedy that marked Garelick’s feature directorial debut and which he co-wrote. Garelick is writing the script and directing.

              Untitled Sam Phillips/Leonardo DiCaprio Project

                • Drama

                A biopic on Sam Phillips, a pioneer in the music industry during the 1950s as a producer who helped launch the careers of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

                Untitled Shadows Movie

                  • Animation

                  An original animated feature centered on the concept of shadows.

                  Untitled Woody Allen Project

                    • Comedy

                    Plot unknown.


                      • Sci-Fi