New Details on a ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action TV Series Emerge

It seems LucasFilm won't set a production date until all scripts for the first season are complete.
BY | seems LucasFilm won't set a production date until all scripts for the first season are complete Yesterday we reported that an animated Star Wars series was being readied and today comes news of the live-action series that has been kicking around for a few years. is reporting that the Untitled Star Wars Series is still in the scripting stage, and that a production date won't be set until all of the first season scripts have been finished.

"They are working with writers on scripts," a Lucasfilm representative said in response to a query. "They won't set a production date [for Season 1] until the scripts are done."

But work on the unnamed show's scripts appears to be at an advanced stage -- which isn't surprising, considering the writing of the live-action show began two years ago.

We also reported last March that casting had begun on the series, but it seems that they won't even start casting until the scripts are completed either. "They met with people in several countries (including Australia) early on but they are not currently casting. They are not going to start casting until the scripts are completed," said the LucasFilm rep.

It was said that the story of this new series would focus on more minor characters in the series and that it would take place in the time period between Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any and all details surrounding this Untitled Star Wars Series as soon as we have more information.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith was released May 19th, 2005.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released May 25th, 1977.

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  • iamfratson • 5 years ago

    I did like that show a lot too @avatarsequal. I would rather see what happened after return of the Jedi vs the in between states. I want to see Dash Rendar, Prince Xizor, the continuation of the main cast etc. I mean ya we will have the die hard fans bitching about hamill and fisher and ford not coming back but im all for seeing a recast and another actual movie/tv series.


    • dan1 • 5 years ago

      You know what show I loved that in my mind was kind of what it'd be like if a show followed Han Solo? FireFly. When I watch that show, Nathan Fillion's character, while not as energetic as Harrison Ford's Solo was, seems to channel that same rogue feeling, and he just seems like that kind of guy, with his ragtag crew. I know, not related to Star Wars, but I wanted to throw that out there.

      I'm still mad at you, Fox, for cancelling my show...


      • bawnian-dexeus • 5 years ago

        i bet this sires will be like the new force unleashed 2 trailer, live action but with a touch of animation


        • peppers915 • 5 years ago

          I heard they might not even have jedi in this crap! This is sad because this crap could be great. I am very excited to see it, but I hope they put in how the empire was built, as well as a palpatine story. I hope they use this series to it's potential, otherwise it is a dam shame.


          • masterofthemoon • 6 years ago

            Been waiting on this since 2005, I wish they would hurry up already. Also I still don't like the idea of setting the series on "minor" characters, it should be on ones we already know and would like to see on TV. If it was on Luke & Liea growing up on their planets and Vader with Palpatine building the Empire now that would be something!


            • twistedsmile • 6 years ago

              I can't wait to see this.


              • instead8909 • 6 years ago

                There are so many things to draw on that could work, books, comics, video games or during the same time line but with different characters on a space ship or station or in a distant part of the galaxy where the main story doesn't affect the newer characters.

                The telling of Han and Leia's kids. Past , present or future, it doesn't matter to me as long its good.


                • incmob • 6 years ago

                  Remy, i would like to say, that it could be done with a lower budget and still work. The prequels had huge budgets, and the effects overshadowed good characterization and a good story, and although the prequels got better as they went along, the story was still something even a 10 year old could imagine with some action figures in his bedroom before supper. my point is this... simply, that star trek the next generation was budgeted at 1 million dollars per episode in the 80's and worked very well, and still hold up pretty well today, my main concern is having characters that are intriguing and interesting, and have the series have good stories, maybe even have the series have trilogy story arcs as well, keeping with the tone of beginning, middle and end. It can be done with a smaller budget frame then the films, heck, even some fan films do well with very limited budgets.

                  I also agree with park williams, that i would much prefer a knights of the old republic tv series. and might draw in bigger numbers in the ratings for people that are fans of sci fi and dramas, then that of star wars necessarily.


                  • jc • 6 years ago



                    • azador • 6 years ago

                      It has potential, thought why they continue to focus on one of the least interesting periods in the Star Wars mythology I'll never understand. I'd rather see a show that takes us beyond the original trilogy and focuses around the events of Han and Leia's children or one that takes us back to before the prequels and focuses on the early years of the Jedi order.


                      • cripple • 6 years ago

                        Can't wait!


                        • internetwin • 6 years ago

                          if boba fett's in it i will die


                          • remy72883 • 6 years ago

                            unless this series has a budget like the movies its gonna suck


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