‘NEW FEATURE!’ Watch Full-Length Movies and TV Shows!

We're now serving up over 60,000 videos for your viewing pleasure!
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‘NEW FEATURE!’ Watch Full-Length Movies and TV Shows!

Watch Full Movies and TV Shows for Free

MovieWeb, in association with Hulu, is proud to announce that we're now serving up full-length movies and full-length TV episodes right here at the site! And you can watch them instantly, for FREE!

Now you can enjoy from a long list of fantastically diverse flix like...

The Thing

28 Days Later

Pitch Black

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Requiem for a Dream

Liar Liar

Basic Instinct

Lost Highway

Planet of the Apes

Naked Lunch

Behind Enemy Lines

Lost In Translation

Jackass 2.5

Eddie Murphy Raw

Master and Commander

Killing Zoe

..and even, Dude, Where's My Car? That's right! Dude, Where's My Car!

...and that's just to name a few!

CLICK HERE to browse 1000's of our latest movies!

In addition, we're very excited to be able to bring you the latest full-length episodes of your favorite TV shows!


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles||V


30 Rock||V

Family Guy||V

The Simpsons||V

Battlestar Galactica||V

Prison Break||V

Knight Rider||V




House M.D.||V

Late Night with Conan O'Brien||V

...and even old school stuff like The Incredible Hulk!||V

...the list goes on and on!

CLICK HERE to browse our latest TV episodes!

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  • praisetruth • 6 years ago

    http://www.moviewarehouse.org for free new releases @ TV


    • brian • 6 years ago

      Bummer you missed out @moovy...plenty of other freebies though...



      • shuabert • 6 years ago

        Same problem I always run into. No love for Canada from any of the American networks or studios.


        • moovy • 6 years ago

          Clicked on 3 of these "free" movies. They come up as "no longer available".


          • raii23 • 7 years ago



            • lildeo • 7 years ago

              hi dude girl


              • justincase • 7 years ago

                damn! I just caught 24: Redemption!

                Awesome. Can't believe my DVR dropped the ball, but THANKS ~ MOVIEWEB!

                You got my back!


                • wesman • 7 years ago

                  AWESOME! Thanks for the hook up.


                  • zgcorleone072 • 7 years ago

                    SWEET! this is great.

                    thanks to hulu.

                    now movieweb will likely have more vistors.


                    • shelley • 7 years ago

                      Great addition to the site! You would assume that anyone could watch regardless of where they lived in the world. They need to fix that!


                      • buriblazing • 7 years ago

                        This is why i love america this rocks thanks hulu


                        • thedarkknight23 • 7 years ago

                          best thing to come here since user reviews good working with Hulu


                          • brian • 7 years ago

                            I don't think it's Hulu dude. Talk to the studios...


                            • girishman • 7 years ago

                              They pretty much f*cked it up for people who don't live in America which is a load of sh*t...

                              And these brainy people at hulu wonder why people download pirates??


                              • brian • 7 years ago

                                Outside of the U.S. looks like Hulu's decision on whether or not to display. It also looks like there are no real rules, just a video by video basis decision.


                                • sublime08 • 7 years ago

                                  are u guys gonna make it so that you can watch them in canada cuz i love this site and this f*cking blows


                                  • err2005 • 7 years ago


                                    thanks a bunch fellas.


                                    • davester • 7 years ago

                                      Damn ... the video is great quality too ... Nice job!!!

                                      Started watching ten-minutes of "Dude, Where's My Car!" and NO data-delays (i.e. pauses) at all. Awesome!


                                      • aeinhorn • 7 years ago

                                        That is about 47 different kinds of awesome. And the ability to catch up on missed episodes of my favorite Fox and NBC shows? Awesome!


                                        • michael5 • 7 years ago

                                          Thats Friggin' Great !!!!!


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