New ‘Sin City 2’ and ‘Hard Boiled’ Updates

Producer Stephen L'Heureux spoke on the two Frank Miller adaptations.
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It seems that one of the most anticipated sequels will finally get started later next year. Comics2Film recently spoke with producer Stephen L'Hereux, who revealed that Sin City 2 would go before cameras in the second half 2010.

L'Hereux said that the film would be based off an original script by Frank Miller, who would co-direct alongside Robert Rodriguez, as he did in the first Sin City.

The producer also spoke about another Frank Miller adaptation, Hard Boiled, but it seems that film is much farther down the road.

"With Sin City just on the horizon I don't think we'd be able to do it with Frank right away. As simple as Sin City seems, it's a very complex scheduling with all these actors and it's a very demanding shoot to be on a sound stage all day long," L'Heureux told us. "We have to space it for Frank. There's also talk, of course, of Sin City 3."quote}

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was released August 22nd, 2014.


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  • narrator • 6 years ago

    Comrade, I actually think Ronin is easy enough if adapted right to be made. I enjoyed it very much and it could be a cross of a Blade Runner, Golden Child, and Sin City.


    • err2005 • 6 years ago

      yeah i was thinking of the right comic (i googled it) but as to whether he was a cyborg i dont really remember.


      • err2005 • 6 years ago

        i know i read hard boiled as a kid, but i cant seem to remember it, was that the one with the cyborg cop or something?

        wait im thinking of a geof darrow comic.


        • thereisnoname • 6 years ago

          gonna be awesome


          • taberjohnson18 • 6 years ago

            Believe it when I see it.

            I think Ronin is too weird a venture for a major studio to try after what happened with Watchmen.


            • soylentgreen • 6 years ago



              • leng-tche • 6 years ago

                I wonder if they're ever going to do Ronin. It's about time though with SC2.


                • jonnred • 6 years ago

                  Hard Boiled would make a great movie if they get the right person to direct it.


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