Nurse 3D Poster and Release Date Announced

Paz De La Huerta is a sexy nurse by day, and a murderer of cheating men by night. In theaters from Lionsgate Horror this February.
BYB. Alan Orange | October 31st, 2013
Nurse 3D Poster and Release Date Announced

In need of a last minute costume for tonight's slutty Halloween ball? Why not beat next year to the punch and go as Paz de la Huerta's sexy serial killer, seen here on a new one-sheet for Nurse 3D? Lionsgate Horror has announced a Febuary 7 release date, giving any cheating man time to rethink his actions just a week before Valentine's Day. The story follows Abby Russell, a sexy, dedicated nurse by day and a killer of philandering men by night. When Abby's actions compromise her master plan, she must outsmart a fellow nurse to bring the most unlikely cheater of all to justice. In 3D! Check out what Abby decided to wear for Halloween!

Nurse 3D Poster

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