‘Oldboy’ Trailer

Spike Lee directs this version of Chan-wook Park's original revenge thriller about a man trying to determine why he was held prisoner for 20 years.
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‘Oldboy’ Trailer

While there is hardly any new footage that we didn't see in the red band trailer from June, a green band trailer for Oldboy has debuted that is suitable for all ages. Josh Brolin stars as Joe Doucett, who was recently released from 20 mysterious years of captivity and goes on a vengeful mission to find out why he was ripped away from his life. In addition, we also have three viral posters that tout the "amenities" of this "hotel" that Joe was trapped in for two decades. Directed by Spike Lee and co-starring Samuel L. Jackson, Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley, Oldboy hits theaters October 25.

Oldboy Viral Poster 1

Oldboy Viral Poster 2

Oldboy Viral Poster 3

Oldboy was released November 27th, 2013.

Sources: FilmDistrict

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  • 2movieguys • 2 years ago

    Just another remake!


    • metalheadfury • 2 years ago

      AN INTERIOR MADE FOR MADNESS! Wow, the old film was great but this one also looks great. Spike Lee always likes to get all the gritty details out of his characters! Must see this


      • thedude-abides • 2 years ago

        Besides that, I think the posters look amazing.


        • thedude-abides • 2 years ago

          Looks like it could be Lee's "best" film in years, but it won't be anywhere near the original.


          • mieko-siede • 2 years ago

            Given that I really consider the original one to be such a good film, I see in this what has the potential to be dynamic. It's good to see these kinds of films coming from a director like Spike Lee.


            • ed-wood • 2 years ago

              I really like the original and I'm looking forward to this one. I think Brolin is a talented actor.


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