Overtime Trailer with WWE Superstar Al Snow

We also have four clips and the poster for this comedy thriller about a pair of zombie-killing hitman trying to make it to a 9 year old's birthday party.
BYB. Alan Orange | December 4th, 2012
Overtime Trailer with WWE Superstar Al Snow

Just when you thought zombie movies had played out every last scenario, another one comes along to further push and exploit the genre in new and exciting ways. Overtime stars WWE Superstar Al Snow and Hatfields & McCoys Bad Blood's John Wells as two hit men trying to deliver a cake to a nine-year-old's birthday party during a zombie outbreak. We have the trailer, four clips, and the poster for this insane indie from Louisville, Kentucky. Watch as the living dead make life a living hell for our two heroes. And then be sure to check out the movie when it hits VOD, Blu-ray, and DVD January 1st.

Overtime Poster

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