Paul Giamatti to Play Larry in ‘The Three Stooges’?

There are now reports that Jim Carrey might no longer be Curly.
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Paul Giamatti to Play Larry in ‘The Three Stooges’?

The Boston Globe is reporting that with the recent departure of Sean Penn as Larry in The Three Stooges movie, it seems that Paul Giamatti might step in to fill the role.

The Farrelly Brothers, who are directing this film, initially stated that Giamatti would make "a sensational Larry." However, at that time it appeared that they were looking to another actor.

Well, now it seems like Giamatti will be playing Larry, but Jim Carrey will no longer be to playing Curly.

There is word on who will replace Carrey but for now Benicio Del Toro is still attached to play Moe.

The Three Stooges was released April 13th, 2012.

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  • nivle • 6 years ago

    that sux man i was hoping for jim to play the role but i guess not it would have been awesome with jim and johnney depp in it.


    • rufio • 6 years ago

      much better choice than Carrey. Carrey has to many trademark comedic facial and body expressions to play an iconic comedy character. even 100 lbs. of green makeup couldn't hide them in the grinch, i highly doubt a bald head would do it either.


      • zanyzap • 6 years ago

        With Jim Carrey no longer playing Curly, my faith in this movie is going downhill. I read somewhere he gained around 30 pounds specifically for the role, too.

        The Farley Brothers are great, but without the trio they promised, I'm not entirely sure what to think. So, Hasta La Vista Del Toro...


        • shelley • 6 years ago

          Good choice.


          • raoulduke33 • 6 years ago

            Yeah, this has been a weird project from the get go. Giamattis a great choice though. He would make a perfect Larry. Let his hair grown out a bit, he'd look hilarious.


            • mushy • 6 years ago

              I think it's time that we just realize that this movie isn't happening.

              None of the actors look like the people they are playing.

              None of the actors look like the people they are filling in for.

              Maybe they could have Benicio play all the roles and make it like THE NUTTY PROFESSOR 2: THE KLUMPS.



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