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Finding Nemo 2 Moves Forward with Director Andrew Stanton
The John Carter director struck a deal with Disney that would allow him to direct another live-action feature if he made the Pixar sequel.
John Carter Q&A Video with Director Andrew Stanton
The director recently stopped by Google for a 50-minute chat session about this sci-fi adaptation premiering in theaters today.
Live Chat with John Carter Director Andrew Stanton
The filmmaker's highly-anticipated sci-fi adventure starring Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins arrives in theaters March 9.
John Carter International Featurette
Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, and director Andrew Stanton discuss this sci-fi adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel.
John Carter White Ape Photo Featuring Taylor Kitch
Director Andrew Stanton talks about how this creature changed from the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel to this upcoming sci-fi adaptation.
John Carter Trailer!
Pixar's Andrew Stanton makes his live-action directorial debut with Disney's adaptation of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.
John Carter Martian Landscape Concept Art
Director Andrew Stanton offers new details on this upcoming Edgar Rice Burroughs' adaptation, and answers why it won't be at Comic-Con 2011.
John Carter of Mars to Be Historically Accurate Martian Film
Writer-director Andrew Stanton gives a progress update on the sci-fi action adventure which is now in digital principal photography.