Bill O'Reilly

The SUNDAY FUNNIES: Johnny Knoxville Performs an 'Operation' and 'The Situation' Uses Mascara

Ahoy friends. Brian Gallagher here with a glimpse at all of the stories that weren't necessarily fit for print this past week. There's a lot to get into this week so lets get started with a Sunday Funnies regular, the hit NBC comedy series Community.

I honestly didn't pick up on this when the episode aired two weeks ago and I thought that his absence might have been because he was making another one of his movies. I'm curious now if we'll see this new mother in subsequent episodes... and I'm also curious about other little easter eggs that I may have missed in past episodes. Dan Harmon has truly created one of the funniest shows on TV and it's little tidbits like this that make the series even more brilliant. If you haven't been catching up with the series (shame on you if you haven't...), you can CLICK HERE to watch the full episode of Episode 2.3: The Psychology of Letting Go and you can also CLICK HERE to watch the latest episode, Episode 2.4: Basic Rocket Science.

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