Bob Weinstein

‘Apollo 18’ Shocking Proof of Intelligence Document Found!

Everything you will see in director Gonzalo López-Gallego's upcoming thriller Apollo 18 is one hundred percent true. This authentic and re-edited found footage from a December 1973 moon mission has long been the subject of a major cover-up by the US Department of Defense. Two American astronauts were sent on a secret fact finding assignment, and what they discovered was so shocking and disturbing, no other human has stepped foot on the moon since.

The recently discovered video from this 'lost' trip into outer space was procured by producer Timur Bekmambetov and the Weinstein Company, as they felt it was in our best interest to release this footage, no matter how it might change the way we view the world, our ideas about God, and our very own existence as a human race here on planet earth.

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Dimension to Develop ‘The Mummy Archives’

It seems that Dimension films is looking to get into the mummy business in a more artful, smaller-scale fashion. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Bob Weinstein's Dimension films is setting up a new film called The Mummy Archives.

It was said that the film will revolve around the Mummy curse, much like the big-budgeted The Mummy film series which starred Brendan Fraser, but with a much smaller budget and artful tone. The story will center on a group of young people who are afflicted with the curse, and most of the effects of this curse will not be entirely shown on the screen.

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Bob and Harvey Weinstein Take Back Miramax Films

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that Bob and Harvey Weinstein have put together a winning bid in the Miramax Films auction. This will allow the brothers to take back operating control of the company that they founded in 1979 and later sold to Disney for $80 million in 1993.

For months Disney has been soliciting offers for the recently closed specialty-film unit and its 611-title library.

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