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Bigger Gets Director Brad Furman
He will also be writing this biopic about bodybuilding icon Joe Weider, who created the Mr. Olympia competition and mentored Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Runner Runner Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake Character Posters
Gemma Arterton needs to play or be played because the house always wins in this crime thriller about online gambling, in theaters this September.
Brad Furman Directing Pablo Escobar Biopic
The Lincoln Lawyer director will work from a screenplay by Matt Aldrich, about the notorious Columbian drug lord.
Darren Aronofsky Teams with Brad Furman for Intricate [UPDATE]
This project is based on the true story of a college basketball recruit who falls into the drug underworld after his playing days are over.
EXCLUSIVE: The Lincoln Lawyer TV Spot
Matthew McConaughey runs a law practice out of his Lincoln Continental in Brad Furman's upcoming thriller.