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A Haunted House 'This $*%! Ain't Paranormal' Poster
The Paranormal Activity franchise gets spoofed by Marlon Wayans in this January 11th comedy.
A Haunted House Trailer
Marlon Wayans spoofs Paranormal Activity with this spooky comedy starring David Koechner and Cedric the Entertainer.
A Haunted House First Look Photos with Marlon Wayans, Nick Swardson, and David Koechner
Essence Atkins and Cedric the Entertainer are also willing participants in this spoof of found footage horror movies.
Cedric the Entertainer to Headline Hot in Cleveland Spin-Off
The comedian will star as a minister in a role that will be introduced via multiple episodes of TV Land's popular sitcom.
Liam Neeson and Cedric the Entertainer Are Bound for Selma
The two actors join the Lee Daniels about the landmark Civil Rights event.