Chad Hodge

Amber Heard and Eddie Cibrian Talk ‘The Playboy Club’

This week marks the start of many new shows on the NBC lineup, the first of which is The Playboy Club, which debuts on Monday, September 19 at 10 PM ET. So please welcome Eddie, Amber and Chad. And we now open it up for your questions. The series stars Amber Heard as Maureen, a waitress at the Chicago Playboy Club in 1963, and Eddie Cibrian as Nick Dalton, a powerful lawyer with connections all over the Windy City. Both Amber Heard and Eddie Cibrian held a conference call recently. along with executive producer Chad Hodge, to discuss The Playboy Club. Here's what they had to say below.

Amber, on the show and even in the posters we're seeing all around town it just looks like you're having so much fun even though obviously there's a serious plot going on for you. But is that because of Maureen or is that you as Amber just having a blast?

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